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How we protect you

We use highly sophisticated fraud detection systems and technologies to protect your personal details and your money.

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How to protect yourself

The steps you can take to help to keep your money, computer and identity safe online.

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Keeping you safe

Why you might be contacted by the bank asking for additional information and what you would need to do.

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Reporting suspicious emails?

We will never send you emails requesting information about your account, security details, or provide links that go straight to pages that request sign-in details.

If you are suspicious about an email that claims to come from us, don't open it forward it to and then delete it. We take these matters very seriously and will investigate the email in question.

Protect your computer

Keep your computer up to date with the latest software and security features.

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How to help prevent identity theft

Your identity is valuable. Find out how to help to protect it and what to do if your personal details are used fraudulently.

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Reporting fraud

If you ever have any concerns about security on your account, call us immediately on 0345 900 0900.

Verified by Visa

Get additional security for your M&S Debit Card when you shop online.

Visit Verified by Visa website

Lost or stolen card?

If you have M&S Card Safe call Card Protection Plan Limited on 0808 100 5565. Otherwise, please call us immediately on
0345 900 0900.