We're making some changes to our digital banking services

What's changing?

There are some important industry changes to digital banking coming later this year which are designed to make accessing and managing your money online even more secure.

When the changes happen, you'll need to enter a unique security code every time you use our Internet Banking. This provides another level of security to keep your money and accounts extra safe.

Questions and answers

How do I generate a security code?

You will be able to generate a security code in one of the following ways:

  1. Using the M&S Banking App

    You will be able to generate a security code using the M&S Banking App on your smartphone or tablet. Our app will be updated with a new feature called a Digital M&S PASS, and it's this new functionality that will generate the unique, single-use security code which is specific to you and the device you use for your banking. You'll be asked to enter this new code when you access Internet Banking on your computer.

    The Digital M&S PASS will be the most convenient option for anyone with a compatible smartphone or tablet, especially if your device has fingerprint or face recognition, making it quick and easy to access the app whenever you need it. The new Digital M&S PASS functionality will be available after we've updated the app, and we'll be in touch with app users to let you know when this happens.

    If you don't currently use our app, you can download it free, on compatible devices, from app stores. It's a quick and easy way to access your accounts on the go.

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  2. Using a physical M&S PASS

    If you don't have a compatible smartphone or tablet, or you'd prefer not to use the M&S Banking App, you'll be able to request a physical M&S PASS. This is a device that looks like a mini-calculator, and allows you to generate a unique security code, enabling you to log on to your accounts.

Am I able to use a physical and Digital M&S PASS?

No, if you use our app you will not be able to have a physical M&S PASS as well.

When are these changes happening?

They'll be happening later this year, at which point, we'll tell you that you need to start using an M&S PASS. If you're using the app, we'll let you know when the updated version (complete with Digital M&S PASS functionality) is ready to download.

If I opt for a physical M&S PASS will I receive this straightaway?

When we roll out the changes later this year, if you select a physical M&S PASS it will take 7-14 days to arrive in the post and you won't be able to access your accounts through Internet Banking until you have received and activated it. Customers who have a smartphone or tablet may find the Digital M&S PASS (within the M&S Banking App) a more convenient option, as you'll be able to activate it straightaway.

Please note you are unable to order a physical M&S PASS until the changes have occurred.

Why tell me now?

Just so that you know and understand what's around the corner. We think it's important to keep you in the loop at all times.

What do I need to do?

Nothing for the moment... you'll be able to use Internet Banking as usual for a while, until the changes are made. But there are a couple of things you might want to do so you're prepared for the changes ahead:

  1. Check your contact details

    It's important we have the right mobile, email and postal address for you, as we'll need to contact you in due course about your M&S PASS. Please double check your details under 'My Details & Preferences' within Internet Banking. We'll be sending you a code to activate your Digital M&S PASS by text message, so having your correct mobile phone number is essential.

  2. Download the app

    If you don't already use the M&S Banking App, it's a good idea to download it now. You can check your balances and latest transactions on the move, make credit card payments, and current account customers can pay existing payees. And with Touch ID and face recognition log-in available on compatible devices, it's a quick and easy way to access your accounts. We'll let you know when the updated app with the Digital M&S PASS functionality is available later this summer.

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Why is the new legislation being brought in?

Legislation around logging in to your accounts and making payments online is changing across the UK and Europe. It's part of the new Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) legislation, which comes into force later this year. The changes are being put into place to help protect everyone's accounts from ever increasing scams and fraud attacks. It affects the whole banking industry and helps make accessing and managing your money online even more secure. The M&S PASS will give all our customers an extra layer of security when using our digital banking services.

I'm a current account customer and already have a physical M&S PASS. How will this affect me?

If you use the M&S Banking App, you'll get the new Digital M&S PASS functionality with the app update later this year. Once you activate your Digital M&S PASS, your old physical M&S PASS will no longer work.

Current account customers who use a physical M&S PASS but don't have the app can carry on using it. However, if you want, you will be able to download the app and replace your physical M&S PASS with a Digital M&S PASS.

How will I know when to download the latest version of the M&S Bank App?

We'll be in touch when it's ready.

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