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Five fantastic calisthenics exercises to try at home

Five fantastic exercises to try at home

Kangaroo hops

A great cardiovascular exercise that targets your lower legs. Set a distance of about 10 feet – you’re going to hop there and back again. Put your feet together with your toes facing forward, squat down until your bottom touches your ankles, then put your bodyweight onto your toes while keeping your back straight. Now move forward with little hops, keeping your feet together and your knees in the same position the whole time.

Spiderman crawls

Assume a wide press-up position, so your body is in an X-shape. The goal is to lift your arm and leg on one side of your body, touching your right elbow to your right knee, then your left elbow to your left knee, and so on. A fantastic exercise for your chest and core muscles.

Super-wide push-ups

With a regular push-up, your hands should be just wide of your shoulders. With a super-wide push-up, you should aim to space your hands out much further – as far as you can reach, while still maintaining balance. Point your hands outwards at about 45 degrees for extra balance, then aim for a set of 12 push-ups, making sure your chest touches the floor each time. This exercise takes the strain away from your chest, and puts it on your shoulders.

Wall squats

Five fantastic exercises to try at home

An intense workout for your whole legs. Stand with your back to a wall. Put your back flat against it, and slide down until your knees are bent at a perfect 90 degree angle, with your feet out in front of you – like you were sitting on an invisible chair. Hold for as long as you can – and keep building your personal best.

Push-up pyramids

Work your entire upper-body for guaranteed exhaustion. Start in a push-up position, knees off the floor, hands under your shoulders, looking straight forwards. Hold for ten seconds, then do ten push-ups. Now hold again for ten seconds. Now do nine push-ups… all the way down to one (and back up again, if you’re really keen). Your hands shouldn’t come off the ground at any point, and you’ll want to keep your knees steady too.

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Published 05/01/2016