Summer holiday trends

Goodbye package holidays: the new summer holiday trends

When it comes to seeing the world, travellers and holiday makers have more choice than ever. Gone are the days when it was a two-week all-inclusive vs an 18-30s blowout.

New kinds of summer holidays are emerging, whether you’re a backpacker or a young family. Here are some of the latest summer travel trends you need to know about.

Summer holiday trends

Unique, tailored experiences

More and more, people are choosing to spend their money on experiences and memories, rather than things. A photograph in a little-travelled place on social media has become more valuable than a stay in a 4* hotel.

Take a look at AirBnB, for example, which not only allows travellers to choose from accommodation ranging from eco pods to castles – it also facilitates experiences offered by local people, like cookery and craft classes. After all, the only thing better than visiting a unique place is seeing it from the perspective of somebody who lives there.

Travel agencies are getting wise to this, too, with many offering completely bespoke packages that can be built, bit by bit, by the travellers themselves.

Summer holiday trends

Solo travel

Exhilarating and daunting in equal measure, the prospect of travelling alone is becoming more and more popular.

It offers the opportunity to take in the world at your own pace, whether you’re seeking quiet introspection or wanting to meet lots of new people. It doesn’t matter whether you want to be part of the hustle and bustle of a city or sit alone on the beach – the allure of solo travel is that it’s all up to you.

Summer holiday trends

Micro trips

Love a city break but don’t want to use your holidays? It’s time to tap into the increasingly popular micro trip trend.

Lower air fares and short travel times means it’s perfectly possible to hop across to the Continent, take in the sights and be back at your desk come Monday morning (but don’t forget your currency!).

Summer holiday trends

Wellness retreats

It’s no secret that the stresses of modern life can take their toll. Increasingly, the solution is for people to take some time out to get away from it all and focus on their wellbeing, through mindfulness, meditation, yoga and more. It’s not uncommon to hear about silent retreats, where participants spend long periods of time without speaking.

Where once, a holiday maker may have sought out a spa, they’re now searching for natural hot springs so they can be immersed in nature instead.

Whichever travel trend you’re planning to tap into next, be sure to choose flexible travel insurance you can rely on.