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New Fashioned Banking

Make the smart move #makeaswitch

Whether it is a change in lifestyle, a change in career or simply trying something new, we don’t just think a change is as good as a rest, we think it's better.

If you're looking for some inspiration read one of our articles below.

Learning a new skill

5 Skills

5 skills you could learn this year

Looking for a challenge? Learning a new skill not only gives you a fresh hobby, it fills you with a sense of self-accomplishment. Whether you want to get fit or try something creative, here are 5 skills you could learn this year, all without quitting your day job.

Looking for a challenge?
Learn a new skill

  • Command the
  • Get fit
    with salsa
  • Capture
    the moment
  • Get web
  • Expand your
3 Skills

3 great skills you can learn in minutes

Are you ready to learn some new skills? Find some great tips to get you started in photography, typography and writing here.

Be more positive

Self esteem

Combat low self-esteem with positive thinking

Make a truly positive switch by improving your confidence with these positive thinking tips. Start your journey to a better self-image.

Positive mental attitude

Develop your own positive mental attitude

Just by thinking positively, you can achieve much more. Why not make a start today? Find handy tips to develop your own positive mental attitude here.

Work/life balance

Work / life balance

Create the perfect work/life balance

Struggling to separate the daily grind from the downtime? Maybe your work/life balance is out of sync - make a switch today with these great tips.

Work related stress

Conquer work-related stress with these simple tips

Don't suffer in the workplace. Spot the signs of stress - and if you're feeling the pressure, find tips to enjoy a comfortable working environment.

New job/career

Practical tips to finding a new job

Practical tips to finding a new job

It's never too late to start a new career, and here are some ideas on how you can do it.

Health and wellbeing

Healthy living – unexpected ways to live healthier

A healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be all about kale smoothies and multi-vitamins. Read the articles below for some useful hints and tips

5 reasons to get fit

5 reasons to get fit

Weight loss is a great motivation to exercise, but there are many other reasons to keep fit.

Make a difference

Volunteer your skills

Volunteer your skills

If you're looking for opportunities to volunteer, don't just do any old job – use your unique skills to achieve much greater benefits.

How environmentally friendly are you?

How environmentally friendly are you?

Try these tips to make a real difference

Saving money

Simple tips for a healthy financial future

  • Plan ahead for
    expensive months
  • Spread out
    major expenses
  • Review your
    bank accounts
  • Start a
    savings plan
  • Switch to a
    better deal
Your money saving checklist

Your money saving checklist

Try M&S Bank's money saving checklist to find out where you can be cutting back.