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14 October 2016

From the Big Apple to the Balearics, flexible holiday destinations could save a family £650 this half-term

  • Cost of an October half-term family holiday up by an average of £437 from last year
  • However, families can save as much as £650 by choosing alternative holiday destinations in the same country, including New York
  • Other big holiday savings can be found in Portugal and Greece

M&S Bank research shows the cost of a family half-term holiday has risen by an average of £437 or 11.7 per cent year-on-year, mainly due to the continued decline in sterling. However, families can still save as much as £650, or an average of £386, by choosing alternative destinations in the same country instead of better-known resorts.

Visiting affluent Long Island in New York instead of popular Manhattan offers the biggest savings this half-term, with families able to pocket £652 in total or £163 per person. The sights of the Big Apple are easily accessible from Long Island, but accommodation in this lesser-visited suburb is significantly cheaper, at an average of £1,337 for a week-long stay in a family room compared to £1,865 in Manhattan.

Paul Stokes, head of products at M&S Bank, said: “Although holiday prices are on the up – partly due to the value of sterling continuing to fall – families can still benefit from significant savings by looking beyond the most popular destinations.

“Staying in Long Island is an excellent alternative to Manhattan, offering families a great saving. However, with the cost of staying in New York topping our list due mainly to the cost of the long-haul flight, it’s probably more of a special family treat rather than a cost-effective getaway.”

Holidaying in Alentejo in southern Portugal is more affordable and provides the second biggest saving, with a week-long trip costing a family of four £580 less compared to a stay in Lisbon. Meanwhile, venturing away from tourist hotspot Crete in Greece and visiting the seaport town of Nafplio instead will save families a total of £576, mainly due to cheaper flight costs.

Table 1: Top five biggest alternative holiday destination savings

CountryDestination2016 cost per person 2016 total costAlternative destination savings
New York Manhattan £1,734£6,936
Long Island £1,571£6,284 £652
Portugal Lisbon £900£3,600
Alentejo £755£3,020 £580
Greece Crete £935£3,740
Nafplio £791£3,164 £576
Spain Menorca £990£3,960
Formentera £882£3,528 £432
Croatia Dubrovnik £995£3,980
Opatilia £911£3,644 £336

Top five most affordable destinations offer a holiday at £900pp or less

As well as offering families considerable ‘alternative destination’ savings, Alentejo and Nafplio are also the two cheapest destinations overall, making them great options for families on a tighter budget.

At £3,020 for a family of four (£755 per person) Alentejo is the most affordable destination. The area benefits from the cheapest accommodation costs of all the destinations researched (£373 for a week’s stay in a family room). Nafplio is only slightly more expensive at £3,164 in total.

Turkey’s Oludeniz – known for its picture perfect blue lagoon – is the third most affordable option at £3,504 for a family of four, despite costs rising by 18.2 per cent as sterling weakened against the Turkish Lira (down by 17.0 per cent year-on-year).

Formentera, Spain’s smallest Balearic Island, is fourth most affordable (£3,528) while Portugal makes its second entry into the top five cheapest destinations with a half-term break in Lisbon costing £3,600 for a family of four.

Table 2: Top five most affordable destinations overall

Destination2016 cost per person2016 total cost 2015 total cost% difference£ difference
Alentego £755 £3,020£2,663 13.4%£357
Nafplio £791 £3,164£2,817 12.3%£347
Oludeniz £876 £3,504£2,966 18.2%£538
Formentera £882 £3,528£3,093 14.1%£435
Lisbon £900 £3,600£3,156 14.1%£444

Paul Stokes continued: “Whether it’s the Big Apple or the Balearics, being flexible with holiday plans and shopping around for travel money are the best ways of reducing the cost of a family holiday this October half-term.”

Paul shares his top travel money tips:

  • Always check whether an alternative destination in the same country could be more affordable – being flexible with your holiday plans could result in big savings
  • Make a holiday budget by working out how much your holiday will cost and how much travel money you will need. Even if you’re staying in half-board or all-inclusive accommodation, don’t forget to factor in costs for excursions, taxis, tips and other extras
  • Find out if you can buy tickets online and in advance for activities you’re planning, as these are often discounted and will help you to avoid the queues
  • When buying travel money in-store, don’t rely on internet rates; many providers have different rates online and some change their rate throughout the day
  • Never leave your holiday money until the last minute; airport bureaux usually offer less competitive rates and may not have a wide variety of note denominations
  • Always take both travel money and a credit or debit card to ensure you’ve got multiple methods of payment


Full results: Top 10 alternative holiday destination savings

CountryDestination2016 cost per person 2016 total cost2015 cost per person% difference£ differenceAlternative saving
New York Manhattan £1,734£6,936 £6,26310.7%£673
Long Island £1,571£6,284 £5,71310.0%£571£652
Portugal Lisbon £900£3,600 £3,15614.1%£444
Alentejo £755£3,020 £2,66313.4%£357£580
Greece Crete £935£3,740 £3,4049.9%£336
Nafplio £791£3,164 £2,81712.3%£347£576
Spain Menorca £990£3,960 £3,50612.9%£454
Formentera £882£3,528 £3,09314.1%£435£432
Croatia Dubrovnik £995£3,980 £3,58511.0%£395
Opatilia £911£3,644 £3,29010.8%£354£336
Malta Silema £1,135£4,540 £4,08911.0%£451
Mellieha £1,051£4,204 £3,80910.4%£395£336
Canary Islands Lanzarote £1,225£4,900 £4,4779.5%£423
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria £1,152£4,608 £4,19010.0%£418£292
Cyprus Nissi Beach £1,316£5,264 £4,8289.0%£436
Limassol £1,249£4,996 £4,5998.6%£397£268
Turkey Bodrum £939£3,756 £3,22416.5%£532
Oludeniz £876£3,504 £2,96618.2%£538£252
Madeira Santa Cruz £1000£4,000 £3,59811.2%£402
Camara de Lobos £965£3,860 £3,47910.9%£381£140

*All holiday costs are for a family of four for one week. Costs include seven nights’ accommodation, return flights, dinner, spending money and one activity. All flights and accommodation booked for a family of four from 22nd to 29th October. Accommodation costs are from and represent the average 3 star hotel family room cost. All restaurants from Spending money based on results of consumer research (£563 per person). All exchange rates from M&S Bank correct for 29th September 2016 and 2015.

Always check the latest Foreign Office travel advice before travelling. Visit for more information.

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