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Hygge How to make your home cosy for the winter the Danish way

Hygge: How to make your home cosy for winter the Danish way

There’s a chill in the air, the days are short and the winter nights long. We wrap up warm when we step outside on rainy and icy days, often returning home with red cheeks and cold hands.

Winter is the perfect time to prepare our homes for warm cosy nights in with the Danish art of hygge. Hygge is all about warmth, comfort and snugness. Pronounced hue-gah, it’s a home styling phenomenon and us Brits are swiftly falling under its spell. In the home hygge is described as creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere with good people around you.

Our top tips on how to hygge

Not only are throws and blankets a stylish home accessory, they’re great for those restful moments we long for in the winter. By draping them over the sofa or bed they add a touch of luxury and bring out the colourful accents of any room.

For a truly calm and dreamy atmosphere, adorn your lounge or bedroom with vases filled with ferns, thistles and berries. Bringing a touch of winter woodland indoors will make an ambience perfect for unwinding with its scent.

Mellow lighting can be particularly atmospheric for a night in front of the TV, reading a book or a meal at the table. Floor and table lamps are a great way to achieve idyllic lighting.

Coming home to the aroma of home cooked stews and casseroles is a great comfort. If you have children, the hearty smell will soon rally them around the dinner table. And the beauty of stews and casseroles is that they’re easy to cook and can be made with your favourite vegetables.

To save you a trip to the supermarket on those cold days, why not stock your shelves and freezer with ingredients?

Give your home a little help embracing hygge

You won’t be able to fully embrace hygge, with its values of warmth, comfort and snugness, unless you’ve done everything you can to prevent draughts and other problems that will stop you creating your very own cosy retreat from the cold.

While home maintenance checks are a year-round task, it’s essential during the winter months – you don’t want anything to spoil the special feeling you’ve worked so hard to create in your home. By following our tips you’ll really be able to make the most of hygge and prepare your home for the cold months ahead.

Look out for missing and broken roof tiles and replace as soon as possible – you don’t want to lose any warmth unnecessarily.

Check your guttering regularly for leaks, damage and blockages, such as leaves. Leaks could prevent your from enjoying your cosy winter retreat.

If your home is surrounded by trees, think about giving the branches a trim so they can’t cause any damage to your home or block your gutters with leaves!

Consider setting a light on a timer to avoid coming home to a dark house in the evenings.

Try keeping your heating on low, coming home to a cold home wouldn’t be hygge – and of course, during really frosty spells this will also stop your pipes from freezing.

Don’t let those sneaky draughts ruin your cosy atmosphere. Check doors and windows and block any draughts you find with self-adhesive draught strips, or invest in some hygge draught excluders.

And if you want to be truly hygge, stock up on hot chocolate. Relaxing on a comfy sofa with a mug of hot chocolate in winter is hard to beat.

Give your home a hug with M&S Home Insurance

We want you to fully enjoy your hygge experience, safe in the knowledge you’re covered for a range of winter emergencies.

Claims for burst pipes and storm damage were two of the top five reasons for home insurance claims in winter 2015 (M&S Home Insurance claims Oct- Dec 2015). By following some basic winter home maintenance tips before settling down for winter, you could avoid a home insurance claim.

M&S Home Insurance policies provide cover for theft, fire, flood, subsidence, storm damage and escape of water. And of course, whichever level of cover you choose, it’s good to know that if you need to make a claim we’ll be there to help.

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Published 01/11/2016