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M&S Pet Insurance

Why getting insurance cover for your puppy or kitten is important

With all the joy and excitement of adding a puppy or kitten to your household it's often easy to overlook the need for their insurance. However, being young they are often more liable to illness and also more accident-prone as their little bodies explore their new surroundings.

M&S Pet Insurance (underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance plc) offers three different levels of cover for pets from 8 weeks old to provide your pet with exactly the right care.

Illness and disease

Younger pets can be more susceptible to illness and disease. Any long term problems will also be discovered in their early years. With our premier and standard cover, you can relax knowing that your youngster is protected as long as you renew each year without a break in cover, with no time limit on how long vet treatment can last.

Accident prone

Young pets can be at risk as they explore their new surroundings. Access to our 24hr vetfone™ support line affords you the extra level of reassurance you need.

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M&S Pet Insurance is underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance plc.

Cover is available from 8 weeks old