Covid-19 - What's covered under M&S Travel Insurance?

Effective March 2023

The rules for travel can change unexpectedly in relation to COVID-19 restrictions, both in the UK and abroad so before booking any trip, it's important to make sure you fully understand the financial risks, and book flexible options wherever possible.

Travel insurance protects you against unforeseen and unexpected events, but not all situations are covered. Please make sure you understand the terms and conditions of your booking and your travel insurance policy.

Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) advice

Under the terms of your policy it is essential you check the FCDO website for your destination, before you book a trip or purchase your travel insurance (whichever is later).

FCDO travel advice provides COVID-19 guidance and tells you about the risks of travelling abroad. Their advice is constantly being reviewed, and they may advise against non-essential travel to some countries and territories.

Different countries have different entry requirements – for example, you might need a negative COVID-19 test or proof of vaccination to enter. You can stay up to date with the latest foreign travel advice on the GOV.UK website.

Telling us if you’ve had COVID-19

If you or anyone covered by your policy has previously tested positive for COVID-19, then you’ll need to tell Aviva, your Insurer, if you have:

  • been prescribed medication by your doctor for COVID-19,
  • visited hospital or A&E for COVID-19, or
  • been referred for investigations or treatment for COVID-19.

If this applies to you or anyone covered by your policy, you’ll need to tell Aviva. Aviva will ask you some medical screening questions to confirm if they can cover the condition. You should check the Your health section of your policy documents.

Frequently asked questions

Will I be covered to travel to a country if FCDO advice against travel is in place?

For M&S Travel Insurance customers: your Travel Insurance will not cover you for any claim, if you decide to travel against FCDO advice.

M&S Club Rewards with insurance customers are not covered for travelling against FCDO advice. Please check your policy booklet.

If I’m unexpectedly quarantined abroad or onboard a cruise ship because of a positive test result, am I covered?

Yes. If you unexpectedly need to quarantine, your policy will cover any extra travel and accommodation costs to make sure everyone who's insured under the policy gets home, providing a return trip was booked. You’re also covered for the costs for any accommodation and excursions you haven't been able to use, where the costs can’t be recovered elsewhere.

It's important to check the entry requirements for your destination before you book, as you won't be covered if you don't meet these.

If I get COVID-19 while I'm abroad, am I covered for medical treatment?

Yes, you are covered for emergency medical treatment and associated expenses, if you become ill with COVID-19 subject to policy terms and conditions.

If I test positive for COVID-19, am I covered to cancel my trip?

Yes, if you are forced to cancel your trip, as a direct result of a positive COVID-19 test you’re covered for cancellation. You will need to provide confirmation and evidence of a positive test result.

If I can’t travel because I don’t meet the COVID-19 entry requirements for the country I’m travelling to, am I covered to cancel?

No. There’s no cover under the policy if you can’t travel because you don’t meet the entry requirements. You should contact your travel provider to see if you can reschedule your trip or get a refund. 

If an overseas government closes its borders to travellers from the UK, or brings in restrictions such as a lockdown or quarantine requirements, can I cancel my trip?

Your travel provider should be able to help with this, so first get in touch with whoever you booked your trip with to talk about your options.

If you can’t reschedule your trip or get a refund, you’ll be able to make a claim for non-recoverable travel and accommodation costs, if the restrictions are in place in the 31 days leading up to your trip.

You’ll only be able to do this if there weren’t any entry restrictions or FCDO advice against travel was in place when you booked your trip or purchased your cover (whichever was later).

Proof of travel insurance cover

My tour operator has asked me to show them proof of insurance. Where can I get this?

M&S Travel Insurance: If you have a single or annual multi-trip policy and have been asked to provide proof of insurance to your tour operator and require written confirmation, your policy schedule and policy booklet contain all the required information. You can view and print your policy documents online. To register all you need is the email address you gave us when you took out your policy and your policy number.

M&S Club Rewards with insurance: If you have been asked to provide proof of insurance to your tour operator and require written confirmation you can request this by visiting

How do I make a claim?

If your claim does not require urgent medical attention, you can make a claim online

M&S Travel Insurance customers can also make a claim by calling Aviva on 0800 051 4780.

M&S Club Rewards with Insurance customers can also make a claim by calling Aviva on 0800 051 2619.