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Conveyancing options


M&S Bank Managed Panel

If a customer instructs their chosen firm, and the firm is a member of the M&S Bank Managed Panel, the firm will be able to act on behalf of both the customer and M&S Bank. As such, the firm will be:-

• England & Wales – A Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) member or regulated by the Council of Licensed Conveyancers (CLC),
• Scotland – Regulated by the Law Society of Scotland,
• Northern Ireland – Regulated by the Law Society of Northern Ireland.

Note – Sole practitioners cannot act on a case where the loan value exceeds £350,000.

Separate legal representation

If the customer wishes to instruct a solicitor or licensed conveyancer who is not a member of the M&S Bank Managed Panel, they will need to provide us with the name, address and telephone number of their chosen firm. We will then instruct a firm from the M&S Bank Managed Panel to represent M&S Bank and liaise with the customer’s chosen firm. The legal work on behalf of M&S Bank will cost the customer £295 including VAT, in addition to their solicitor's or licensed conveyancer's fees. Customers could provide authority directly should they wish their solicitor to also discuss matters directly with their intermediary.


M&S Bank offer a free legal service remortgage product as standard. The firm will be allocated to the remortgage case and the customer advised of the firm’s details. This free legal service applies to standard remortgages only. Any additional legal work required, e.g. transfer of title will incur a cost to the customer.

Fee-assisted legal service terms and conditions

If a customer wishes to instruct their own firm, they will be responsible for any associated costs. Above notes regarding M&S Bank Managed Panel will apply.

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