How we protect you

We work constantly to keep you and your money secure online.

From password protection to advanced encryption technology, we use highly sophisticated fraud detection systems and technologies to keep your personal details and your money safe.

What makes our Internet Banking secure?

Password protection

If you’ve registered for Internet Banking, we'll always ask you to enter your username and security details you set up when registering to sign in. This information tells us that it's you or someone you have instructed to act on your behalf and is legally permitted to request access to your account. We make sure you can only use strong passwords that must have a mix of letters and numbers. This makes it difficult for anyone to guess your password.

Advanced technology

We use advanced encryption technology to stop anyone accessing the information that passes from your computer to our secure systems. We also use firewalls to prevent unauthorised intruders – and our anti-virus software is updated by the minute to stay ahead of new security risks.

Secure sessions

When you log into Internet Banking you can be assured any information you give or access is secure. Equally, when you fill in one of our online forms, your details are stored securely on our site. You can see you're in a secure area if the web address starts with https:// and there's a closed padlock at the top of the page as part of the address bar.

Automatic timeout

If you forget to log out of your account or your computer remains inactive for a period of time, the session will end automatically and our system will log you out – so your details aren't left on your computer for anyone else to access.

Automatic lock-outs

After a number of unsuccessful attempts to enter your sign in details, we'll suspend online access to your account – just in case someone other than you (or someone authorised to act on your behalf) is trying to log in. If your security details have been locked, you can reset them by following the instructions on our 'How to reset your password' page. Alternatively, you can call our Customer Services team any time on 0345 900 0900.

Authorised push payment (APP) scams voluntary code

A new voluntary code was launched on the 28 May 2019 to help protect customers from APP scams. M&S Bank is pleased to be amongst the first banks to sign up to the new APP code and is committed to protecting our customers from fraud and scams.

If you have been a victim of an APP scam, beware if someone contacts you and tells you they can help with your claim, it may be a further scam. Please contact us yourself on 0345 900 0900 so that we can investigate your case.

For more information on the new voluntary code, visit the Lending Standards Board.

What else do we do to keep your money safe online?

Spend Safe – our advanced fraud detection system

Your M&S Bank cards are protected by Spend Safe, our advanced fraud detection system. Using the latest technology it monitors your spending patterns around the clock and identifies any suspicious or unusual activity on your account. If we’re concerned about any activity on your account we may contact you to check that it’s genuine.

Online shopping

We provide an extra layer of security when you shop online with your M&S Debit Card and Credit Card, using Verified by VISA or Mastercard Identity Check.

It's a free service and you don't need to register, it's a security measure that reassures us that it's really you making the purchase.

All you need to do is ensure your mobile number is up to date to receive the One Time Passcode by SMS in order to transact online.

Online fraud guarantee

We do everything we can to protect you and your money online, but if you are the victim of online fraud, we don’t want you to be out of pocket. So, you should monitor the transactions on your account regularly and in the unlikely event that payments are made from either your current account or savings account that you didn’t authorise, you should contact us as soon as possible, we’ll reimburse you in full in most cases. See account terms and conditions for more information.


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