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How to help to protect yourself

There's lots you can do to help to protect yourself from online fraud – start by following these simple steps.

Look out for suspicious emails

If there's a problem with your online account, we'll always get in touch by phone, or ask you to call us.

If you receive an email asking for personal information or security details, don't reply or click on any link. It may look genuine, but it could be someone 'phishing' for your details to use in fraudulent activities.

How to spot a phishing email:

  • They often contain spelling and grammatical errors.
  • They're mostly sent in bulk – so the email might not be addressed to you personally.
  • They often ask you to click on a link to confirm or validate your security details.
  • Some ask you to send money to a worthy cause.

Protect your online accounts

Keep passwords safe

Never tell someone your password or PIN – or write them down in a way that could be understood by someone else. Choose a combination of numbers and letters that no one can guess. And don't use the same password for other online accounts.

Always log out

If you're in a secure (padlocked) part of the M&S Bank website, always click on the log out link when you've finished. And if other people use your computer, close the internet browser too.

If you share a computer

Be extra careful if you have to access your online accounts from a shared computer – and make sure it has the latest anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall software installed. Never access your account in an internet café or library. You can't guarantee the computer is secure – and there's always a risk that someone is looking over your shoulder.

Be aware of identity fraud

Take steps to stop anyone stealing your personal details and using them fraudulently.

More about identity fraud

Reporting fraud

If you ever have any concerns about security on your account, call us immediately on 0345 900 0900.

Verified by Visa

Get additional security for your M&S Debit Card when you shop online.

Visit Verified by Visa website

Lost or stolen card?

If you have M&S Card Safe call Card Protection Plan Limited on 0808 100 5565. Otherwise, please call us immediately on
0345 900 0900.