Diversity and Inclusion

At M&S Bank, we're committed to ensuring everyone feels valued and respected. Our goal is to have an inclusive environment where you can be at your best. Our commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace has been recognised by Stonewall, and we are proud to be part of its Diversity Champions programme.

Our colleagues are committed to delivering the high 'M&S-standard' of customer service and in return we offer a working environment of respect and support, where everyone is able to achieve their full potential.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Committee, which is colleague-led, is a hugely valued network which drives forward a range of initiatives to nurture an inclusive working environment for all. The committee consists of six strands:

  • Ability & Wellbeing
  • Balance – focusing on gender diversity
  • Race & Culture - focusing on diversity of race, ethnicity and culture
  • Faith – focusing on religion
  • Flex – focusing on flexible working
Members of M&S Bank's Diversity & Inclusion Committee