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Credit subject to status

M&S Credit Card Shopping Plus offer

Learn more about the benefits of our shopping credit card offer. Representative 23.9% APR variable

M&S Credit Card Transfer Plus offer

Looking to transfer a credit card balance? Explore our balance transfer option. Representative 24.9% APR variable (fee applies)

Our credit card offers

Whether you're looking to transfer a balance, get 0% on purchases or earn rewards, we have a card to suit your needs. Don't forget to use our credit card eligibility checker before applying for a credit card offer.

Why is my rate and promotional period 'up to'?

The rate and promotional period we offer will depend on our assessment of your circumstances.

Transfer Plus offer

We may offer you:

  • 0% for 26 months on balance transfers with 24.9% APR
  • 0% for 20 months on balance transfers with 27.9% APR
  • 0% for 20 months on balance transfers with 29.9% APR

Credit card eligibility checker

It's always worthwhile checking your eligibility before applying for credit, as multiple applications can make your credit score worse.

Find out more about the credit card eligibility checker

Already a credit cardholder?

If you're looking for support with your credit card we're here to help.

Learn more about credit card support

Learn more about credit cards

Applying for your first credit card

Learn more about choosing your first credit card. Our guide explains how to apply and what to consider.

How do credit cards work?

Understand the fundamentals of credit cards and how they can benefit you.

Credit limits explained

Find out what credit limits mean and how to check yours.

APR explained

Learn more about Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and how it works.

Mobile banking

Stay in control with our mobile banking app.

The M&S Banking App allows you to manage your M&S Credit Card in the palm of your hand. View your credit card PIN, securely confirm online payments and receive notifications when you spend. Please note device restrictions apply.

Learn more about mobile banking

More credit card information

What is a balance transfer credit card?

Learn how a balance transfer credit card can help you manage your finances.

Credit cards vs debit cards

Take a closer look at the differences between debit cards and credit cards.

Soft credit checks explained

What is a soft credit check and why is it useful?

Hard credit checks explained

What's the difference between a 'hard' and 'soft' credit check?

Common credit card myths

Thinking about a new credit card or already have one? Understand your credit card a little better.

What is an interest-free period?

Learn how interest-free credit cards work and what it means for you.

Other ways to borrow

Learn more about the types of borrowing available at M&S Bank before deciding what is best for you.

Learn more about other ways to borrow

Credit card rewards

As an M&S Bank cardholder you earn Rewards points every time you spend. Those Rewards points turn into M&S Rewards vouchers up to four times a year, which are either sent to you in the post or are available in your Sparks account at or in the M&S app. Use these to treat yourself in M&S stores or online. And, if you really love M&S, by subscribing to M&S Club Rewards you could receive over £240***, on average, worth of goodies throughout the year, for just £10 a month.

M&S Rewards

Learn more about the Rewards you receive by using your M&S Credit Card

M&S Club Rewards

Enjoy even more Rewards by becoming a M&S Club Rewards member

M&S Rewards Calculator

Understand what M&S Rewards you can receive here

Explore more about credit cards

Using a credit card for everyday purchases

Learn more about the pros and cons of using a credit card for everyday purchases.

How many credit cards should I have?

If you are thinking about getting another credit card our guide can support you.

Improving your credit score

Need to improve your credit score? Our quick guide can help you on your credit building journey.

Tips for using your credit card

Get the most out of your credit card spending with our quick tips for using a credit card.

Balance transfer period ending?

Are you at the end of your balance transfer promotion period? Our guide explains your options.

How to recover from being scammed

Read our guide on how to identify the most common scams and how to report a scam.

What does arrears mean?

You may have heard the phrase 'arrears'. But what exactly does it mean?

How to check your credit score

Take a closer look at how to check your credit score.

Credit card security & protection

How can you spot the most common types of scam.

How do credit card refunds work?

Learn everything you need to know about credit card refunds.

Transferring a credit card balance

Learn how a balance transfer works and explore our options.

Using your credit card abroad

Going on holiday? Get to grips with how you can use a credit card outside of the UK.

Protection on your credit card purchases

Airline gone bust? Item arrived faulty? Learn more about the protection provided by the Consumer Credit Act & section 75.

Do balance transfers affect credit scores?

Learn how to reduce negative impact on your credit score when considering a balance transfer.

Why are credit card applications declined?

What are the reasons behind a declined credit card application and what can you do if you application is declined?

How do 0% credit cards work?

Learn the key things to know about any 0% credit card and how they work.

* Our Shopping Plus balance transfers have a 2.99% fee, minimum £5. Terms and conditions apply. Don't forget to make at least your minimum payments on time to keep your promotional rates on balance transfers and purchases and save on interest. We accept balance transfers from most credit or store cards held with other lenders.

** Our Transfer Plus balance transfers have a 3.49% fee, minimum £5. Terms and conditions apply. Don't forget to make at least your minimum payments on time to keep your promotional rates on balance transfers and purchases and save on interest. We accept balance transfers from most credit or store cards held with other lenders.

*** Based on £77 worth of M&S vouchers, 32 hot drink vouchers, 9 next day deliveries (not available in some locations eg Northern Ireland and Guernsey), points earned from £300 spend abroad in a local currency annually and points earned from an average monthly spend in M&S of £46 on an M&S Credit Card.