Health and accessibility

We're proud to offer tools and support to make banking accessible to our customers

How can M&S Bank support your health and accessibility needs?

At M&S Bank we’re passionate about treating customers fairly and understand that everyone needs something a little different. We’re committed to developing products and services that support everyone, so if something isn’t working for you, get in touch to let us know.

Here’s some more information about what we have available to support you:

Your support needs

Tell us how we can support you with your banking in a way that works for you.

Neurodivergent support

Providing information to help with your M&S Banking needs.

Life events

Life events impact us all in different ways. We’re here when you need us.

Visual support

Find out about the accessible communication options available and solutions for accessing your finances online.

Deaf, hard of hearing and speech support

Discover different ways of contacting us and managing your finances.

Short & long term illness support

We’re here to make sure that managing your money isn’t an added stress during these difficult times.

Website, internet & mobile banking accessibility

Find out more about the different settings available on your computer, mobile or tablet that can make digital banking work for you.

Mobility & dexterity support

Learn more about how we can support you and what settings are available on your digital device to help with your M&S Banking queries.

Mental health support

Thinking about your finances whilst dealing with your mental health can be challenging. Take a look at what we have available to support you.

Banking definitions

Not sure what we mean when we use certain banking terms? Use our banking definitions guide to help make sense of your banking.

Learn more about banking definitions

Not found what you’re looking for?

We’re always happy to help. We have a number of accessible ways to contact us.

Find out more about accessible ways to contact us