Free pet hamper with new standard or premier policiesFootnote 1*

  • Save 15% on new policies when you buy online
  • Pay by monthly instalments – at no extra cost
  • Protect your dog or cat from aged 8 weeks

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Features and benefits

Premier, standard or essential cover options

Choose from three different levels of cover - premier and standard cover (long term policies) or essential cover (12 month limited or vet fee limited per condition policy).

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Free pet hamper with a new policy

Take out a new standard or premier policy and you’ll receive a pet hamperFootnote 1* (excludes renewals and amendments to existing policies).

Dog hamper includes - tartan blanket, dog brush and dog toys
Cat hamper includes - tartan blanket, cat brush and cat toys

15% online discount

Save 15% on new policies when you buy online (excludes renewals and amendments to existing policies).


Multi-pet discount

Need to insure more than one pet? Take advantage of our 5% multi-pet discount for any additional cat or dog you choose to insure with us. If you already have a pet insured with us, call us on 0800 731 4280 to take advantage of our multi-pet discount.

Medical advice - just a phone call away

All our pet insurance policies include access to vetfone™ – a freephone 24 hour pet helpline, manned by qualified veterinary nurses who can give you guidance on the condition of any pet you're responsible for, not just your own.

Pay by monthly instalments - at no extra cost

You can spread the cost of your pet insurance over 12 months by paying by Direct Debit – and we won't charge you more to do this.

Extra support

Our insurance gives you access to a range of services from information about local pet care providers to bereavement support.


Compare premier, standard or essential cover

Choose the level of cover that suits your needs:

We like to offer our customers choice, which is why we offer three levels of cover.Footnote 2**

Premier cover provides you with our highest level of cover, allowing you to claim up to £7,000 in vet fees each year. We reinstate this limit annually, as long as you renew with us each year and cover continues to be made available to you. Premier also includes higher cover limits than standard cover on a range of other features - plus you're insured if you take your pet abroad.

Standard cover offers up to £4,000 towards vet fees each year with a limit of £1,000 for each separate illness or injury each year. Like our premier policy, our standard cover is also reinstated annually, as long as you renew with us and we can continue to offer you cover. There are some things you won't be covered for with a standard policy and there are lower cover limits on other features.

Essential cover offers you valuable protection for illnesses or injuries for a shorter period of time. It allows you to claim, for each new condition, up to a £3,000 limit in vet fees or for a maximum claim period of 12 months from the first date of vet treatment. Once you reach either limit, whichever comes first, you will no longer be able to claim for the same condition in the future even if you renew your policy.

New developments in diagnosis and treatment mean that vets can now give your pet even better care.

This is great news for your family pet, but has meant a rise in vet fees and the cost of claims.

Our premier or standard insurance policies offer lifetime cover, meaning if your pet develops a condition such as diabetes, they’ll be covered for life, while you’re insured with us - you may find it difficult to get this condition covered on a new policy once it is discovered as it would be classified as a pre-existing condition if you didn’t have a lifetime cover policy.

Should you decide to renew your M&S policy, you’ll be covered up to the total vet fees limit you’ve chosen each year.

For pets aged nine and over, you will be required to pay a higher excess sum for each claim that you make under the policy.

Cats and dogs are more prone to illness and ailments as they get older, which means the price of your pet insurance will increase at renewal.

Take a look at the below table to compare the three levels of cover.

Benefits Premier Standard Essential
Pet hamper with a new policyFootnote 1* -
Veterinary fees and treatment period up to: £7,000 in total in each period of insurance (12 months). No separate limit on each illness or injury £4,000 in total in each period of insurance (12 months). £1,000 maximum each illness or injury in each period of insurance £3,000 each illness or injury or a maximum claim period of 12 months (whichever is reached first). Claim period starts from the first date of vet treatment
Complementary treatment including hydrotherapy up to:Footnote 1 £1,000 £500 £500
Treatment food up to:Footnote 1 £200 Not covered Not covered
Behavioural disorder up to:Footnote 1 £250 Not covered Not covered
Dental treatment:Footnote 1 Injury and illness Injury and illness Injury only
Travel expenses (no excess applies) up to:Footnote 1 30p a mile Not covered Not covered
Third party liability (dogs only) up to: £2,000,000 £1,000,000 £1,000,000
Death from injury up to: £1,500 £600 £600
Death from illness (less than age 9 only) up to: £1,500 £600 £600
Putting your pet to sleep and cremation or burial (no excess applies) up to: £200 £100 £100
Advertising for missing pet up to: £1,250 £600 £600
Reward for missing pet up to: £750 £600 £600
Stolen or missing pet up to: £1,500 £600 £600
Emergency boarding or daily minding up to: £70 per week, £750 in total £60 per week, £600 in total Not covered
Pets abroad cover includes the following number of trips, of up to 60 days each: 3 0 0
Pets abroad cover: £2,000 Not covered Not covered
Holiday cancellation/cutting your trip short: £3,000 Not covered Not covered

Footnote 1*[1] Customers who take out a new M&S Pet Insurance policy (Premier/Standard cover only) in the offer period (see below) will receive a Pet Hamper, subject to the terms and conditions set out below.

Customers who obtain a quote for a M&S Pet Insurance policy (Premier/Standard cover only) between 25 April 2018 and 2 July 2018 and go on to take out that pet insurance policy within the quote validity period will receive a Pet Hamper. Hampers will be dispatched within 60 days of your first payment being received. Hampers will not be issued if you have closed or cancelled your policy within these 60 days. Hampers are available to new pet insurance customers only. Hampers are not available to customers amending or renewing their existing M&S Pet Insurance policy. Hampers are only available to customers who purchase their policy from the M&S Bank website or M&S Bank telephone sales and are not available to customers buying from a price comparison, affiliate or cashback website. Limited to one gift hamper per pet insured. Offer available to UK customers only. Not available to customers from the Isle of Man and Channel Islands. The promoter of this offer is Marks & Spencer Financial Services plc, Kings Meadow, Chester, CH99 9FB. This offer is being administered and managed on behalf of M&S by The Marketing Lounge Partnership Fulfilment Services, The Stables, Home Farm, Mere, Cheshire WA16 0PX. No cash alternative. We reserve the right to withdraw or replace the offer with a suitable alternative at any time and without notice.

Footnote 2**[2] Whatever policy you choose you will not be able to claim for any changes in your pet's health or behaviour before a policy is started or in the first 14 days of cover or for death from illness after your pet's 9th birthday. Please note that if you change your level of cover at renewal, the maximum amount you can claim may change and you may no longer be covered for existing conditions.

Footnote 3[3] Included in the vet fee limit.

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