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DIY wedding tips and ideas

DIY wedding ideas and tips

Whether you’re trying to keep costs down or just love that personal touch, DIY can make a big difference to your wedding. From making your own invitations to baking the wedding cake, there are many ways to incorporate DIY into your special day.

Just remember that some tasks are easier than others. Planning a wedding can be stressful and you don’t want to take on too much – here are five simple DIY wedding ideas for your big day.

TOP TIP: Before you start any wedding DIY, find your inspiration. Sketch out some ideas, get pinning on Pinterest, or create a wedding scrapbook. This will help you stay focused on your vision.

Hair and make-up

Doing your own hair and make-up allows you to get ready at a leisurely pace from the comfort of your own home – no rushing to and from the salon, or panicking when the hairdresser is running late. Plus, it’ll save you a nice chunk of money. Chances are you do your hair and make-up every morning, so you know what you like. But if you want to add false eyelashes, a little lipstick or sweep your hair into a sophisticated up do, practise before the big day. Try using online wedding hairstyle tutorials or ask a friend to help you out.

TOP TIP: Do a hair and make-up trial run and take some photographs in natural light to check that you’re happy with your wedding day look.


Having a designer create your invitations is an expensive job – and what if they don’t look quite as you’d imagined? Consider designing your own (or asking an artistic friend) and print them off at home, or use a DIY invitation craft kit. Not only does making your own wedding invitations save on costs, it’s the perfect way to provide guests with a sneak preview of your special day. If you are planning a wedding theme, tantalise guests by hinting at it.

TOP TIP: Be practical. Invitations larger than A5 will be more expensive to post. And remember, the thickness of the paper also affects the cost.


Handling the catering yourself may be a step too far, but baking your own wedding cake is a great way to add your personal touch to the food while saving some money.

It’s important to stay realistic – making and decorating a large-scale cake is a big job for a novice. If you’re not much of a baker, you could ask a family member to help out. Or try something a little easier; although less traditional, a cupcake tower could make a stunning alternative.

TOP TIP: Don’t obsess over perfection. Expect your cake to look homemade, not perfect – that way you won’t worry if it comes out a little lop-sided.


Making your own wedding bouquets cuts costs and could save you hundreds. It may sound complicated, but crafting a bouquet can be as simple as buying your favourite blooms, arranging and fastening them together. There are plenty of online tutorials to help you out. Be sure to keep seasonality in mind – don’t set your heart on a bouquet of sunflowers if you’re marrying in December.

It’s best to make your bouquets as close to the ceremony as possible (the day before would be ideal) – just keep the stems in water until you’re ready to leave. This could even be a nice day-before-the-wedding activity for you and your bridesmaids.

Remember you don’t have to use real flowers. Home-made crepe paper flowers or woollen pompoms can make great, quirky bouquet alternatives.

TOP TIP: Set aside your wedding DIY and crafts in a quiet place so they’re out of harm’s way until the big day.

Wedding favours

Delight your guests with something homemade to take away with them. Whether you want tailor made favours for every guest, or something that represents you and your partner, this is where you can really allow your creativity to flow. Make a CD or bake macaroons, shop thrift stores for vintage cups and saucers, or craft some candles. Whatever you enjoy – do that!

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Published 16/01/2017