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Cookie Policy

List of Our Cookies


Cookie/Variable Name What is the purpose of this cookie?
JSESSIONID, __oloCOOKIE, NSC_ttm_wtsw_csxfc_nboet, ASP.NET_SessionId, ASPSESSIONIDCQDBDRAR They check that no one else is accessing the same web session from a different browser, such as potential fraudsters.
LB_COOKIE_1 We use several servers to run our website efficiently. This cookie ensures that users are split equally between these servers allowing us to provide the best possible service without any unwanted delays.
MARKSPENCER-WDC, MARKSPENCER-SYGDC To identify which of our data centres you're connected to and which server is hosting your session.
LtpaToken2 It enables you to sign in once at the start of your session, and following verification, allows you to access and use functionality that requires user identification. Without this cookie you would potentially have to sign in numerous times during one session to verify your identity. This cookie is activated when a customer needs to be authenticated midway through a process (eg if you are making a payment and need to be verified by Visa). Following verification, the cookie will make sure you are returned to our website at the correct page.
SourceCode It provides us with feedback on the advertising displayed on our site and helps us show you offers which are of interest to you.
RISKFORTCOOKIE It checks whether the same computer or device was used the last time you visited. This is for security purposes only.

Essential (analytics)

Cookie/Variable Name What is the purpose of this cookie?
__utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmv, __utmz These cookies, provided by Google Analytics, help us accurately estimate the number of visitors to our website. Having this information helps us ensure our website is always available with no unwanted delays.
MUID, AA002, UID, UIDR They show us how people found our website and the website they came from. This helps us understand what types of marketing activity is the most effective.
WT_FPC, ACOOKIE, WT_FPC_TMP, Webtrends_ID It provides us with information about how people use our website, helping us design our website in a way that's easy for our customers to use.
ACID, ASCID, C2, F1, 7016821185, 5343155420, everest_session_v2, everest_g_v2, A, svid These cookies provide us with feedback on the effectiveness of the advertising displayed on our site and helps us show you offers which may be of interest to you.
_tmpi,_tmid It provides us with information about how people use the videos on our website. It helps us learn more about our customers, so that we develop video content that's relevant and of interest to them.
AkamaiAnalytics_BrowserSessionId, AkamaiAnalyticsDO_visitMetricsCsv, AkamaiAnalyticsDO_bitRateBucketsCsv, AkamaiAnalytics_VisitCookie, AkamaiAnalytics_VisitLastCloseTime, AkamaiAnalytics_VisitIsPlaying, AkamaiAnalyticsDO_visit, StartTimeAkamai_AnalyticsMetrics_clientId, AkamaiAnalyticsDO_visitStartTime It provides us with feedback on the way visitors use the videos displayed on our site. This helps us display information in a way that's useful to them.


Cookie/Variable Name What is the purpose of this cookie?
__uset, __stid, __unam They show us if you've recommended any products to friends
mssplash We use splash screens to display information we want to draw your attention to. So that we don't hold you up too long, this cookie limits the number of times our splash screens are displayed.
IntsureCountryCode This cookie helps the website remember your information and settings for future visits.
ContentKey These help us remember the pages and information you viewed when you last visited the site. On your return these cookies help us direct you quickly to the pages that are of interest to you.
BC_BANDWIDTH These help us ensure you can download videos as quickly as possible in a format you can watch.
AYSTV It helps the website remember which videos were of interest to you on a previous visit and returns you to the last video you viewed. This cookie monitors the effectiveness of the videos we produce, helping us develop videos that are of interest to our customers.