Received a suspicious text or call?

Check if a message or call is genuine and what to do next

Received a suspicious text or call?

If you're wondering whether a text you have received is genuine, you're right to be suspicious. Criminals have become very sophisticated, enticing you to click on links or call phone numbers that belong to them.

Criminals could also contact you directly claiming to be M&S Bank or even the police, requesting that you complete certain actions which could result in fraud.

Here you'll find examples of the kind of texts we might send you and why.

One-Time Passcode

Image of phone with example One-Time Passcode message. NEVER share this code, even with bank staff or police, use 123456 
                                             to MAKE A PURCHASE of 18.0 GBP at HMRC ref 2124. Not you – please call us.

When you make an online transaction, we might send you a One-Time Passcode (OTP) as an additional security check.

NEVER share this code, even with bank staff or police. If you receive a One-Time Passcode for a purchase you haven't made, please contact us.

To find out more, visit our OTP FAQs page.

Fraud alert

Image of phone with fraud alert message of. To protect your account, we've temporarily blocked your card as we suspect 
                                             potential fraud. You will now receive a message from M&S Bank Security on +XX XXXX XXXXXX, which will ask you 
                                             to confirm recent transactions and guide you on how to respond.

We may send messages, asking you to confirm your online purchase. In some cases, we may ask you to call us.

We will only send our fraud alert messages whilst verifying a purchase, we will never contact you separately via phone or other methods, asking you to reply to our messages.

Always read our messages carefully, we will never pressure you into replying to a security message.

If you receive a message for a purchase you haven't made, please contact us.

You may receive other texts from us, depending on your marketing preferences and we could also contact you because you might be due a payment. This could be by letter, text message or a phone call.

If in doubt, don't respond - call us using the number on the back of your card.

Fraudsters can use text messages to try and gain access to your information and money. This is called Smishing. Find out more about Smishing, what to look out for and other techniques used by fraudsters.

Telephone number checker

If you would like to check if a text or call has come from us, enter the number into the box below and we will confirm if it is a genuine M&S Bank telephone number.

Please enter telephone numbers without spaces eg "03456005860" not "0345 600 5860"

Please match the requested format

Report suspicious emails or websites claiming to be M&S Bank

If you receive an email you believe to be suspicious, claiming to be from M&S Bank, or find a suspicious website purporting to be M&S Bank, do not click any links or open any attachments. Simply forward the email or URL to and we will investigate, and take the appropriate steps.

If you believe that you have shared confidential information either online or by telephone, or might be a victim of crime, such as a scam or cybercrime, please report this separately to your bank or card provider and Action Fraud. If you are an M&S Bank customer, please call the number on the back of your card. The phishing email address is not designed for reporting acts of financial crime.