How to keep your pets warm in winter

How can I keep my dog warm?

  • Protect their feet: Dogs’ paws are very sensitive and can be prone to frostbite. Buying boots for your dog is a simple way to keep their paws warm and protect them from any sharp objects hidden in the snow
  • Rub down after walks: Giving your dog a rub down with a towel or blanket after a walk will help dry off any sweat or moisture that has accumulated and save them catching a chill as their body temperature cools
  • Buy them a coat: Dogs may have a built-in fur coat, but they could always use a little extra help. Invest in a nice fleece-lined coat to help keep your dog extra toasty on walks
  • Cosy bedding: Most dog beds are built to be warm, but there’s no reason you can’t add to their comfort. Consider lining their bed with spare blankets to help keep them warm overnight
  • Warmer room: If your dog doesn’t already, consider having them sleep in the same room as you – your body heat will automatically make it the warmest room in the house, even if just by a few degrees
  • Raise their bed off the floor: Hard floorings can get cold during the night. If your dog sleeps on floorboards or tiles, consider elevating their bed off the floor to save them absorbing the chill

Tips to keep cats warm in winter

  • Buy a pet bed: Create a cosy space for your cat to curl up in – somewhere off the floor and with a blanket to snuggle under
  • Help them dry off: If your cat comes home wet from the rain, help them out by gently drying them off. Like human hair, water clings to cats’ fur and could risk them catching a cold
  • Play games inside: During winter, try to encourage your cat to spend more time indoors. Toys, scratching posts and indoor litter trays will usually do the trick

Cheap ways to keep your house warm

Just like you, your pets will appreciate having a warm home through winter. As the cost of living continues to climb, you can save money and keep your pets healthy with these handy energy saving tips to keep your house warm during the winter months.

  • Rugs: One cheap way to heat a room is to buy a rug. Instead of paying for expensive underfloor insulation, a rug will do the same job and also add some character to the room
  • Bleed radiators: Trapped air in your radiators stops hot water from circulating properly. Bleeding your radiators will remove the air and heat your home a lot quicker and more effectively
  • Draw your curtains: Drawing your curtains keeps warm air from escaping through the windows and stops cold air from getting in. You can also apply draught excluders to windows and doors to further insulate your home and save money on your heating

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Published February 2023

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