Dreaming of the ultimate wedding?

A personal loan from M&S Bank may help

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Personal loans for weddings

Planning your wedding can be fun, creative and rewarding. But it can also be stressful and expensive – in fact, the average wedding now costs upwards of £20,000.

You’ve probably already thought of what your perfect wedding will include – but perhaps you’re having trouble finding the money for everything you need.

We believe that expenses shouldn’t stop you making your dream wedding a reality – so, by choosing an easy-to-manage personal loan from M&S Bank, we can help you create your ideal wedding, without a fuss.

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Customers who do not meet our normal criteria may be offered a different APR to our standard rates. The amount and term you request will also impact the rate offered.

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Borrowing over months:

  • Monthly repayment £179.94
  • Total amount payable £10,796.40
  • Representative 3.1% APR
  • Interest rate of 3.1% p.a. (fixed)

Why consider a personal loan to finance your wedding?

A personal loan for a wedding could give you exactly what you need to spend on your (or your child’s) big day, meaning you really could create your dream ceremony. And with our personal loans calculator you’ll be able to see how much you’d need to pay back each month, and for how long, meaning if you plan well you might not even need to tighten your purse strings after the big day.

With your new easily-manageable budget, you’ll be able to make confident decisions on your venue, suppliers, outfits, and everything else you need to achieve your dream wedding.

To apply for an M&S Loan, you must have an annual income of at least £10,000, be a UK resident and be aged 18 or over. Customers who do not meet our normal lending criteria may be offered a loan at a different APR. This will depend on your personal circumstances. The loan amount and term you request will also impact the rate offered.


Tips for sticking to your budget on the big day

Whether or not you take out a loan, you’ll want to make sure your budget goes as far as possible. With a little know-how, it’s possible to save on your outgoings without compromising on style.

Create a budget

First thing’s first, think about how much you want to spend on your big day. Then factor in how much money you can set aside each month. With this budget in mind, spend some time investigating costs in your area, collecting quotes and price lists for different elements of the wedding. Make a priority list – which elements are necessities? Which could you do without? – and calculate how many guests you would like to invite. If your costs are slightly over, alter your list, not your budget.

Stay out of season

One of the simplest ways to lower your costs is to get married out of season. Venues and entertainers are known for inflating their fees during the summer; so choosing to marry on a weekday in winter may mean you can upgrade your venue without having to pay peak prices. Plus, your guests will benefit from cheaper accommodation.

Be resourceful

Before you splash out on entertainers, caterers and a band, take a moment to consider whether you have any connections you could use. Perhaps you have a friend who is a photographer, or a cousin in a band. Maybe your mum loves to bake. Asking friends and family to help you out can save you money, but it will also make the day much more personal. As for the catering, hiring a family-run restaurant or smaller catering firm will cost less than a big company (and will have that personal touch).

Top tip: Consider what’s in season when picking your food and flowers – something easily and locally sourced will keep the costs down.


From the invitations and decorations to bouquets and wedding favours, getting creative lets you bring your own sense of style to the day – without breaking the bank. And you can get your friends and family involved – so not only will it get done quicker, but working on these projects with your loved ones will create great memories.

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