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To help support you at peak times, we have updated our telephony opening times, please only call if it is urgent, so we can help those most in need. Please view our contact us page for our current opening times.

We’re introducing an NHS and emergency services banking hour, from 6-7pm every day. We’d ask that customers avoid calling us for their routine banking needs during this time.

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Before you switch

Eligibility criteria

  • You must have an open M&S current account
  • Your old bank account must be a personal account, not a business or savings account
  • You can only switch a joint account into a joint account in the same joint names
  • You can transfer a sole account into a joint account where you are one of the joint account holders
  • If you’ve switched to us previously and received a switching offer, you won’t be eligible for another switching offer

What you'll be asked for

  • Your name(s) including any initials as they appear on your old account
  • The account number and sort code of the account you wish to switch
  • The associated debit card number for the account. If you do not provide this detail and your account does have a debit card then the switch will be rejected by the CASS service

Other important information

On the switch date:

  • If your old account is in credit the balance will be transferred to your M&S current account and your old account is closed
  • If your old account is in debit the debit balance will remain with your old account and any credits directed to the account may be used to clear the balance. Your old account will not be closed until the debit balance has been cleared in full
  • We will write to you to let you know that the switch is complete

Once you submit your switch request

We will send you an email confirming we have received your Switch form

By clicking 'Switch online' you agree that you have read all the information in the 'Before you apply section' above.