What is RFID Blocking?

What does RFID stand for?

RFID technology stands for Radio Frequency Identification, a technology that uses radio waves to allow contactless communication between an RFID reader and objects embedded with an RFID tag such as passports. These tags contain an antenna which transmits and receives radio waves and an RFID chip which stores the tag’s information.

In banking, credit and debit cards contain RFID tags to enable contactless payments. RFID technology allows you to make transactions without swiping your card or providing a pin.

How does RFID blocking technology work?

RFID blocking technology prevents access to your RFID tag’s information. However, as RFID technology is contactless, fraudsters can use a card skimmer to read your RFID tag and access your information, even if your card’s protected by a layer of clothing or in your wallet.

RFID blocking technology creates a protective shield that prevents the skimming device from accessing the information stored on the RFID tag. The shield blocks the radio waves used to communicate between the tag and the card skimmer. As a result, the RFID blocking technology effectively disrupts the signal, making it unreadable.

What is an RFID protected wallet?

An RFID protected wallet is a wallet that has built-in RFID blocking technology that protects your cards and passport from skimming devices. The wallet creates a protective barrier that prevents the radio waves emitted by the RFID tags from being read by a card skimmer or similar device.

It’s important to note that contactless fraud is more likely to happen in larger cities where more people are on the streets. So, if you’re going on a city break soon, add an RFID protected wallet to your holiday checklist. These wallets are readily available through online retailers, with prices ranging depending on the retailer.

What is an RFID money belt?

An RFID money belt is a wearable pouch worn around your waist that has RFID blocking technology embedded in it. Due to the money belt’s hands-free design, it’s a popular bag for travellers. It provides a secure way to store your credit and debit cards, travel money and passport.

However, while RFID money belts protect you from contactless fraud, they don’t protect you from pickpocketing or theft. It’s a good idea to consider buying travel insurance to cover you for stolen items or money before you travel.

Do RFID blocking wallets damage my cards?

RFID blocking wallets do not damage your cards or any other items containing an RFID tag. The RFID blocking technology within the wallet doesn’t come into contact with the card, so the blocking material doesn’t interfere with the functioning of the RFID tag.

If your RFID blocking wallet becomes damaged, it can become less effective at blocking radio waves and open you up to contactless fraud.

Published July 2023

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