Working for M&S

This is your opportunity to join us in a completely new approach to banking, at the same time as developing your own career. Here's where you can find out just how rewarding a role with M&S Bank will be.

  • What to expect

    Our goal is to create a unique banking experience for our customers and colleagues alike. If you join our team you can expect your career to be treated with every bit as much care and attention to detail as you'd expect from one of the high street's most trusted names.

    M&S has always stood out from the crowd through their dedication to quality and impeccable service, and M&S Bank is no different. We'll make sure you have the training and back–up you need to flourish personally while helping us establish M&S Bank's reputation.

    In return for being part of this we expect the following from you:

    To work hard

    Delivering quality and exceptional service means taking every opportunity to go the extra mile for your customers and your team.

    To be challenged

    Your branch team will be measured on their ability to offer solutions that truly meet our customers' needs. This will be done through building relationships with customers, understanding their needs and balancing this with our commitment to service and quality.

    To be well trained

    Being expertly qualified in your chosen career is just as important to us as it is to you. That's why we've put together an in–depth six week training course for our successful Bank Assistant and Senior Bank Assistant applicants. And if you're selected for one of our management roles, we'll give you the tools you need to succeed in one of our longer eight week courses.

    To be rewarded

    Of course, we're offering a great benefits package, which can be individually tailored to your lifestyle, but if the most important thing to you is the chance to climb the ladder in your chosen career, rest assured that we're quick to recognise achievement and reward effort.

  • Who we're looking for

    To make M&S Bank a success, we need people who share our values and know the importance of great customer service. To build a career with us, you'll need to be:

    Good with people

    By this we mean having the ability to listen, build a rapport with our customers, put yourself in their shoes and understand their needs. This is what it takes to provide service with a personal touch.

    Great at building relationships

    Whether they're with customers, branch colleagues or the wider store team, the relationships you create will play a major role in your success – and ours. The trust you'll earn from customers will enable you to deliver outstanding services. And the support you'll get from your team will allow you to develop in your career.

    All about customers

    We want our customers to be delighted with us, so we'll look to you to put them first, treat them fairly and find solutions that are right both for them and for the business.


    Our customers must be able to trust your expertise. You'll need to know our products inside out, so our training will allow you to develop the knowledge and skills you need.

    Understand our customers' needs

    You must be an excellent listener, really hear what our customers are saying: understand their needs and provide expert guidance to help them decide which of our products are right for them. This takes empathy and excellent judgement.

    Serious about detail

    Like us, you'll need to recognise that it's the little things that make all the difference. Not only does that extra bit of attention keep mistakes to a minimum, but it also shows the customers that you really care.

    Comfortable with change

    We're a new bank, so it's inevitable that things will change as we evolve. But if you can adapt as we grow, you'll be rewarded with many new opportunities to really progress your career.

    We welcome applications from everyone, no matter how young or old, and will only assess you on your ability to do the job.

  • Building Trusting Relationships

    In every aspect of your role, in everything you do at M&S Bank, the relationships you create will make a huge difference.

    For a start, the long–term relationships you build with your customers will be vital. They'll help you understand their needs better, gain their trust and provide better service, resulting in an exceptional banking experience for them and satisfying work for you. And you'll develop these relationships by thinking like a customer, considering every detail and adding the little touches that make them feel truly special.

    Your relationship with your team will matter, because it's only by working together that you'll create a truly unique environment within the branch. And your relationships with colleagues across the store will count too, because they'll help your branch thrive by sending customers your way.

    It doesn't end there. There's a wealth of experience both within M&S Bank and the wider organisation and you'll be able to draw on these resources whenever the need arises to make sure everything runs smoothly.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    At M&S Bank we are committed to ensuring everyone feels valued and respected.

    Our goal is to have an inclusive environment where you can be the best that you can.

    Our commitment to being a diverse and inclusive workplace has been recognised by Stonewall, and we are proud to be part of their Diversity Champions programme.

    As a company we value our people and are committed to making M&S Bank a great place to work. At the heart of this is our commitment to bring the M&S values to banking; we inspire, we innovate, we act with integrity and we're in touch with the needs of our customers and colleagues.

    We're looking for people who share our values and know the importance of great customer service. In return we offer an environment of respect and support, enabling everyone to achieve their best. We believe if our people are happy, we will deliver excellent service to our customers.


    Christine joined M&S Bank in 1999. As part of our Savings & Investments team, Christine thoroughly enjoys working at M&S Bank and likes the variety her role offers. In August 2014, Christine joined Outstanding, our LGBT employee network.

    One of the group's straight allies, Christine says: "The overriding aim of Outstanding is to help ensure M&S Bank remains somewhere that LGBT employees feel comfortable to work and can be themselves; this is something I'm extremely passionate about and why I decided to join the Outstanding team."


    Portrait of Chrys

    Chrys has enjoyed a successful career at M&S Bank spanning over 15 years and currently works within our Collections and Recoveries department. Chrys is a male-to-female transgender employee and an avid supporter of the Outstanding group.

    Chrys said: "As Transgender Lead for Outstanding, I'm passionate about inspiring others to be their true selves in the workplace. It was my involvement with the group, as well as the acceptance and support I felt from my colleagues, not just in the group, but also the wider business, that gave me the courage I needed to be my true self in the workplace"


    Portrait of Nige

    Nige joined M&S Bank over twenty years ago and has worked in a number of IT-related roles across the business, currently managing a team of developers. For the last 24 years, Nige has been living life as a blind person and in 2014, he joined M&S Bank's disability support network, RESPECT.

    "Being visually impaired has not stopped me from living my life to the full. I enjoy skiing, playing the trombone and have also been known for taking part in some more extreme sports such as sky diving and white water rafting. I have faced a number of different challenges over the years and as such, am very passionate about ensuring access for all with regards to systems and services in the workplace. I receive a tremendous amount of support from my team and colleagues at M&S Bank, whenever and wherever it is needed. I joined RESPECT at M&S Bank to help ensure the continuation of an inclusive, open and supportive working environment, for all."


    Portrait of Lucy

    Lucy has worked at M&S Bank for 8 years, first joining the business while in her final year at Chester University, on a part time basis. She currently works as part of the E-Commerce team.

    In 2009, Lucy was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), for which she was prescribed daily medication. She was then also diagnosed with OCD and depression, conditions common amongst those with ADHD. During this time, Lucy felt she really benefited from the great working relationship she had with her line manager, who she also found to be a brilliant sounding board as she went through the process of diagnosis. Lucy also benefited from the support offered by M&S Bank’s disability support network, RESPECT.

    Communications lead for RESPECT, Lucy says: "Having been involved with RESPECT right from the beginning, I'm a huge advocate of the scheme and passionate about creating awareness of the work we do. I've experienced first-hand the support that M&S Bank and RESPECT offers employees and want to ensure that employees across the business know that this support is available to them, should they need it."