How to activate your card

Before you use your M&S Bank card you'll need to activate it. Once it's activated, it's ready to use straightaway.

Which of your M&S Bank cards would you like to activate?

M&S Credit Card

Activate your M&S Credit Card using the M&S Banking App*.

A quick and easy way to activate your M&S Credit Card is via the M&S Banking App. To use our app, you will first need to register for Internet Banking.

Once your app is set up, here is how you activate your card:

  1. Select your 'M&S Credit Card' account
  2. Choose 'Manage Cards'
  3. Select 'Activate card' and follow the simple instructions

*Please make sure that you are using the most recent version of our app. Find out which devices the M&S Banking App is compatible with. We recommend you also use the most up to date operating system your device can support.

Activate your M&S Credit Card using Internet Banking

If you haven't already done so, you'll need to register for Internet Banking before you activate your M&S Credit Card through Internet Banking.

To activate your M&S Credit Card, sign in to Internet Banking and follow the steps below:

M&S Bank Homepage Step 1: On your 'My Accounts' page in Internet Banking, select M&S Credit Card
M&S Bank Homepage Step 2: Click on 'Activate my Credit Card' in the menu on the left hand side
M&S Bank Homepage Step 3: Enter your M&S Credit Card details and click 'Submit'

You will then see confirmation that your card has been activated.

Activate your M&S Credit Card using the Automated Activation Line

If you don't have our app or Internet Banking, you can call us on our Automated Activation line. You will need your M&S Credit Card in front of you. Call 0800 015 0044

M&S Chargecard or Budgetcard

If you have an M&S Chargecard or Budgetcard, you'll need to activate it in an M&S store the first time that you want to make a purchase. Just let the customer service assistant at the till know that it's the first purchase on your card and they'll be able to help you.