Find support and information on your credit card needs and issues

Everything you need to know about your credit card

Common credit card questions

Make a balance transfer

Transfer your store or credit card balances to your M&S Credit Card

Ways to pay your credit card

Explore the different ways you can pay your M&S Credit Card, including setting up or amending a Direct Debit

Confirm online payments

We've made making online purchases safer

Query or dispute a transaction

If you don't recognise a transaction or need to raise a dispute, here are the steps you need to follow

View or unlock your PIN

Have you forgotten or locked your credit card PIN? Don’t worry, it’s simple to unlock your PIN or view it within our app

Activate your card

Before you use your M&S Credit Card you'll need to activate it. Once it's activated, it's ready to use straightaway

Lost and stolen card

Find out how you can report your card lost or stolen

Close your credit card account

Find out what you need to do to close your M&S Credit Card account

Update your contact details

Keep your contact details up-to-date so you are kept informed about changes

Using your card abroad

Planning a trip abroad? Find out information about using your M&S Credit Card outside of the UK

Credit cards explained

Read our helpful guide to understand how credit cards work

Fees and charges explained

Understand the fees and charges that are linked to your credit card account

Managing your balance transfer

Learn more about your balance transfer and how to view the details in the M&S Banking App

Credit limit

Find out everything you need to know about your credit limit on your M&S Credit Card

Additional support

Life events

Find out about how we can support you through different life events

Financial support

Worried about your finances? Find out how we can help


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