How to dispute a credit card transaction

If you need to dispute a recognised transaction
please read the important information before getting in touch

What is a chargeback?

If you recognise a transaction but still want to dispute it, we can do this on your behalf through a chargeback.

Follow the checks below. If they don’t help, then follow the link to our disputes help tool. We will ask you to give us some information for us to start a chargeback for you.

If you don’t recognise the transaction please visit our Unrecognised transactions page.

Checks before you dispute a transaction

  1. Have you contacted the retailer?
    If you can identify the retailer contact them first. This will give them the chance to resolve the dispute for you, which could be faster. However, if your attempts aren’t successful, please keep a note of any contact you made, and what happened. You will need to give us these details to help your claim.
  2. Is the transaction appearing on your account?
    So that we can help you, the transaction must be appearing on your account.
  3. When did the transaction take place?
    We can help investigate most transactions that took place in the last 120 days. In some cases, we can look into older transactions.
  4. Have you gathered relevant evidence to support your claim?
    The more information and evidence you can give us about the dispute, the better. Any added evidence could strengthen your claim.

Once you’ve completed these 4 checks, follow this link to Dispute a transaction.

Dispute a transaction

What is Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act?

You may have a claim under section 75 where your claim relates to one of the following:

  • A breach of contract by the retailer (e.g. non-receipt of goods/services or goods that do not match the description of what you ordered)
  • Misrepresentation by the retailer (e.g. the retailer made false promises to get you to purchase their goods or service)

If a section 75 claim applies to your dispute we’ll be in touch if we need any further information.