How to identify unfamiliar transactions

Tips to help you identify the transaction and what to do next

Steps to take when you don’t recognise a transaction

1. Check the retailer's name

Try an internet search of the name that appears on your statement. Sometimes retailers trade under different descriptions.

Some common retailer names can be found on our Retailer reference table

2. Look at other transactions made around the same time

This might remind you where you were when the unrecognised transaction was made.

3. Did you make a purchase in another currency?

A transaction made in a foreign currency could appear as a different amount on your statement because of exchange rates.

4. Check for additional charges

Some companies like hotels, taxis, airlines or hire cars can add additional charges that show up separately on your statement.

5. Check your emails for receipts or purchase confirmations

There may be one that matches the amount of the unrecognised transaction. This could be received the same date or earlier and show a retailer name different to the one appearing on your statement.

6. Check with any additional cardholder

Someone that you share your account with may have made the transaction.

7. Consider if you've signed up to a free trial

A free trial may have expired and you're now paying for the goods or services. Check the free trial period and terms and conditions.

8. Check if it's a repeat payment or subscription

Does the same transaction appear on your statement from one month or one year ago? It could be a payment you set up in the past.

Retailer reference table

Retailer reference on statement Description
AA Membership (AA MFE OLA RENEWALS) Primarily Motor Insurance specialist but also provider of other insurances.
Allpay A payment service used by a number of public and private sector organisations, including councils and housing associations.
Amazon Online retailer who also provides a range of goods and services including online books/ music and TV streaming.
Amazon Prime (AMZ*Prime Member Fee) Usually a chargeable service provided by Amazon which gives things such as enhanced delivery and exclusive Amazon content.
Arcadia/ Arcadia Group Holding group name of the specified brand name retailers. (Burton, Dorothy Perkins, Evans, Miss Selfridge, Outfit, BHS, Topman/Topshop and Wallis)
ASOS.COM Online fashion retailer.

An audiobook subscription service owned by Amazon.

Big Savings Club (The Big Save Club)

Members receive offers and incentives. A free trial is usually offered but if not cancelled, charges can be incurred.

Camelot Group

Operators of the UK National lottery.


A payment service used by a number of public and private sector organisations, TV licenses payments are common.

Members receive cashback offers and incentives. A free trial is usually offered but if not cancelled, charges can be incurred.

Credit Cleaner

An online service for accessing your credit report.

Credit Expert

An online service for accessing your credit report.

Credit Confidential

An online service for accessing your credit report.

Credit Perfect

An online service for accessing your credit report.

Digital River (DRI*

Provider in computer software, ecommerce, payments and marketing.

Domestic & General

Provide protection/ warranties and breakdown for domestic appliances.

Easylife Group

The retailer sells various goods through catalogues, mail order, online and phone. 


A mobile phone network.

Google Play

A digital download from the Google Play store.

Home retail group

Holding group name of brands including Argos and Homebase.

Itunes Apple (

A purchase or download from Apple.

JD Williams part of N Brown Group

Online and mail order retailer. (Ambrose Wilson/ Simply Be/ Jacamo)

Just Eat

An online food order and delivery service which acts as an intermediary between take-out food outlets and customers.

Just fab Ltd

Fashion retailer usually with paid membership.


Anti Virus and security software.

Microsoft *Xboxlive

A purchase or subscription service to access Xbox live- to access games and services on your xbox.


Streaming provider of online movie and TV content.

New Day

Providers of credit and store cards for brands including Debenhams, House of Fraser, Laura Ashley, Wallis, Burton, Dorothy Perkins, Evans, Harvey Nichols, Miss Selfridge, Outfit, Topshop and Topman.

Nochex Ltd

This company is a 3rd party payment processor. They process transactions on behalf of many different companies.

Norton (DRI – Symantec)

Anti Virus and security software.


Streaming provider of online movie and TV content.

Paypal (sometimes when billed a transaction using Paypal as the payment service may reference PP*)

Service for individuals and retailers to send and receive payments. sell a range of products including CD's, DVD's, Books, Games, Electronics, Gadgets, Clothing and Accessories. 

Product Support AG

Product Support AG offer an extended product warranty for goods purchased from the Dixons Store Group. Stores include Dixons, Currys PC World, Comet and The Link.

RAC membership

Primarily breakdown motor recovery. Shopper Discounts/ Shopperdisc

Members receive offers and incentives and membership is usually set up after an online purchase has taken place.


Ride sharing.

Uber eats

Food delivery service.

Members receive offers and incentives. A free trial is usually offered but if not cancelled, charges can be incurred.

World Pay (Transactions prefixed with WP)

Processes transactions for a wide range of merchants online. 

How to dispute if the transaction is still unrecognised

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