The way you shop and use your card online has changed.

Make sure you're up to date

How have we changed online purchases?

We've made online payments safer. This is because of changes to the payment services regulations to help prevent fraud. Of course, this is good news but it does mean that you’ll need to confirm online card payments more often. This way we know it’s really you and makes it harder for fraudsters to make payments without your knowledge.

How can I confirm my online purchases?

You may be asked to confirm your online payments more often. The options available to you are:

  • M&S Banking App: If you're a regular user of our banking app, you can confirm your payments within the app.
  • SMS: If you don’t have the app, we’ll send a one-time passcode to your mobile phone number. We’ve also introduced additional changes to supplement the use of one-time passcodes.
  • Card reader: If you're unable to confirm your payments using the app or via a text message, we've introduced an alternative card reader solution.

Check you're prepared

To make sure you're able to complete these extra security checks, can you answer the following?

Is your mobile phone number up-to-date on your account?

Are you already registered for Internet Banking? You need to do this before downloading the app

Do you already use the M&S Banking App*?
If so, you’re all set!

If you have recently updated your mobile number, we need to make sure that it's been changed by you. We'll place a delay between the change being made and allowing the number to be used for certain things, like setting up the M&S Banking App.

Important update about online card payments

What's changed?

As part of new industry-wide regulations to help protect you from fraud, online retailers need to process your payment using a new system known as '3D Secure' for us to be able to carry out the additional security checks. As these checks have to be made more often, you and any additional cardholder may find that some online payments could get declined, even if you haven't reached your credit limit.

Why might my online card payment be declined?

This may happen if your online payment requires additional security checks, but the retailer isn't using the new 3D Secure processing to request payment verification. If additional checks are needed we're unable to process your payment without them and your payment will be declined.

Who do I contact if my payment has been declined?

We suggest that you contact the online retailer directly to ask for other ways they can accept your payment to complete your payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

I use Internet Banking but not the M&S Banking App, how do I download and start using it?

Start by downloading the banking app via the App Store or Google Play and have your Internet Banking username and password handy.

Once you’ve set up the app, you’ll use it to generate a unique security code to sign in to Internet Banking. This will replace your physical M&S PASS if you have one. Visit our Banking App page to find out how to set up the app.

What devices can I use the M&S Banking App on?

How do I review and update my contact details?

You can review and update your contact details in the M&S Banking App by following the below steps:

  • Within the app, tap the profile icon in the top right corner of the 'Balances' screen and select 'Update your personal details'
  • Then select 'Contact details'
  • Select any missing or out of date details you need to update, click 'Edit' and follow the instructions on screen
  • Next, press save and authenticate using your face, fingerprint or your Digital M&S PASS PIN

You can also review and update your details within Internet Banking. Simply sign in to Internet banking and select 'Update your personal details' under 'Quick links'. Find the details you'd like to update and select 'edit'

Alternatively, you can update your contact details by calling us on 0345 600 5860

I have an additional cardholder, how do I review and update their contact details?

If you have an additional cardholder on your account, please ask them to call us on 0345 600 5860 to check we have their correct contact details. We're open 8am-8pm.

Lines are open 8am-8pm. Calls are recorded for our mutual security, training and monitoring purposes.

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