Contactless payments

Our credit cards will work at contactless readers throughout the UK, allowing you to pay for low value items with a simple touch.

It's fast

There is no need to enter your PIN or sign for everyday purchases under £100. Simply touch the reader with your contactless card to pay in seconds.

It's easy

No need to find cash and no hanging around at the till for change or receipts unless you need one.

It's secure

Contactless payments are safe and secure. You have the same protection against fraudulent transactions as with the existing chip and PIN system. For extra security you may occasionally be asked to enter your PIN.

How to use it

Step 1: look

Look for the contactless symbol when paying for items up to the value of £100.

Step 2: touch

Touch your contactless card against the reader.

Step 3: processing

A beep or green light shows your payment is being processed. For extra security you may occasionally be asked to enter your pin or sign.

Step 4: approved

Your payment is approved.

Where to use it

Simply look for the contactless logo which can be found in many popular places, including M&S.

Have you set up your Digital Wallet?

Simple and secure ways to pay using your mobile device

Frequently asked questions

Can I set my own contactless transaction limit?

The £100 contactless limit on your M&S Credit Card cannot be changed. When attempting a contactless transaction, you may occasionally be asked to key in your PIN. This is for security purposes, enabling us to confirm that the card is being used by the cardholder.

How does contactless work?

Simply hold your contactless card up to the retailer's contactless terminal and wait for a beep to show that the card has been read successfully. The terminal can read the card thanks to a chip and radio frequency antenna embedded in the card. The card details are transmitted wirelessly, meaning you won't need to insert your card, enter a PIN code or sign anything. It's as easy as that!

How close does my card need to be to the reader?

You should hold your contactless card within a few centimetres of the contactless terminal. If you keep multiple cards in your wallet or purse, only one card will be read by the contactless reader. The surest way to pay on the card you intend is to remove and hold it against the contactless reader.

How will I know I have a contactless card? 

You'll know you have a contactless card if you can see the contactless 'ripple' symbol on the front of your card.

Will a contactless transaction be quicker?

Yes, it will be much quicker than a normal card transaction or cash payment. There's no need to insert the card into the terminal and enter a PIN, and you'll never have to fumble around for the right change.

When will I get my contactless credit card?

If you are an existing customer, you'll receive your contactless card when your card is next renewed or replaced (subject to eligibility).

If you'd like a contactless card straight away, simply call us on 0345 900 0900 to request one.

Lines are open 8am-8pm. Calls are recorded.

Is there a limit on the number of contactless transactions I can do?

No, there's no limit on the number of transactions you can complete using contactless. You may occasionally be asked to key in your PIN for security reasons to enable us to confirm that the card is being used by the cardholder.

Can I use my contactless card abroad?

Yes, you can use your contactless card abroad just like in the UK. Contactless transactions are accepted where the contactless symbol is displayed.

The contactless transaction limit of £100 may vary depending on local limits (may be more or less).

Please note that all non-sterling transactions are subject to the Exchange Rate Adjustment (ERA), that applies to M&S Bank Credit Cards.