What kind of help can I provide?

You may have been asked by a friend or relative to help manage their financial affairs, or you may have been appointed by a court where you live. If you've been given the right to access someone else's account on their behalf, this is known as ‘power of attorney’ (POA).

A power of attorney might be used in a number of scenarios, but the most common are when the account holder is going travelling for a few months, knows they're going into hospital, or is in poor mental or physical health.

It can seem like quite a responsibility, as you may be called upon to make critical decisions. The day-to-day managing of another person's finances as well as your own can seem overwhelming. This information is designed to help you find out what you may need to do, depending on your situation.

Find out more about the types of POA which you may have been asked to be an attorney of.

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