Visually impaired

Braille, large print & audio

We can provide your communication in Braille, large print or audio. This includes your statements, letters, PINs and also your debit or credit card details.

You can let us know how you would prefer to receive your documents by calling 0345 900 0900 or visiting an M&S Bank branch. Once you let us know, we'll make sure you receive all of your communication in this format.

Internet Banking

Our Internet Banking allows you to manage your account on the move or at home, whenever you like. M&S current account customers need their physical or digital M&S PASS to sign in. We also offer a large physical M&S PASS which includes audio functionality which may be useful if you have difficulty seeing the buttons. Find out more about our Internet Banking service.

Telephone Banking

Our Telephone Banking is here for your convenience. Our Customer Services team is available on 0345 900 0900 8am-8pm, 7 days a week.

Find further contact information for all of our specialist teams.

Mobile Banking

Our website has been fully optimised for use on mobile devices. We also offer our M&S Banking App for M&S current accounts, Credit Cards and Everyday Savings Account customers.

Talking ATMs

Talking ATMs are designed to assist those who want to use an ATM but are unable or struggle to use the on-screen instructions, such as customers who are blind or dyslexic.

In order to use one, you just need your bank card, your PIN and some headphones. You can blank the screen so nobody else can see what you are doing and you operate the ATM using the PIN pad, which has a pip (bump) on the 5 key like a phone.

Here is a step by step guide to show how to withdraw £20 from a talking ATM in an M&S Bank branch:

  1. Insert your headphones into the ATM’s headphone jack and follow the instructions.
  2. Press 5 to start a talking ‘session’ and 6 if you also want the screen blanked.
  3. Insert your card, holding it so the top, or flat, part of the card is on the right and the embossed part on the left.
  4. Enter your PIN. Always use your hand as a shield while entering your PIN to keep it a secret.
  5. Listen to the options, or simply press 1 for cash.
  6. From the next options, press 2 for £20.
  7. The ATM will check this, then give you your card back.
  8. Take the card.
  9. Take your £20 cash.
  10. Unplug your headphones and that’s it!

If you want any help the first few times you try this process, then our M&S Bank Assistants are always on hand to assist you.

You can find our talking ATMs in all of our branches. To locate your nearest branch, you can use our branch finder.