Learn more about how the M&S PASS keeps your account safe and gives you extra security when using digital banking

What is an M&S PASS

An M&S PASS is a way for us to check it's really you that's accessing your digital banking services and is a type of two-factor authentication.

The M&S PASS adds an additional layer of protection as it generates unique security codes when you're signing in to digital banking or verifying certain transactions. You can either use a Digital M&S PASS or a physical M&S PASS.

Digital M&S PASS

You can access the Digital M&S PASS by downloading the M&S Banking App.

  • Our app gives you quick and easy access to mobile and Internet Banking
  • You can securely sign in with your face or fingerprint on compatible devices
  • Gain access to your accounts now - no need to wait for a physical M&S PASS to arrive

If you're ready to set up your Digital M&S PASS, head to the App store or Google Play store to download the M&S Banking App. Please note device restrictions apply.

To download on the App Store, click here

To download on Google Play, click here

More features of the M&S Banking App

  • View your credit card PIN in an instant
  • Confirm your online payments
  • Receive spend notifications when you spend on your M&S Credit Card
  • Download mobile credit card statements

Physical M&S PASS

If you don't have a compatible device, you can order a physical M&S PASS which will generate the security codes you'll need to access your accounts. This is a small calculator-like device.

To order a physical M&S PASS, sign in to Internet Banking using the details you've set up and select the option to 'Order M&S PASS'.

Sign in to Internet Banking

Frequently asked questions about the M&S PASS

How does an M&S PASS work?

An M&S PASS works by generating a unique single use security code which you can then use to sign in to Internet Banking or verify certain transactions.

You can generate a code using the Digital M&S PASS in the M&S Banking App using either face or fingerprint recognition (available on compatible devices) or a memorable PIN number known as your Digital M&S PASS PIN. If you're using a physical M&S PASS you can generate a code by inputting your PASS PIN.

What's the difference between a physical M&S PASS and a Digital M&S PASS?

The Digital M&S PASS exists within the M&S Banking App whereas the physical M&S PASS is a separate device that looks like a mini-calculator. You can only have one kind of PASS active at a time.

If you use the M&S Banking App, you will use the Digital M&S PASS. The Digital M&S PASS will be the most useful option for anyone with a compatible smart device as you're more likely to have it with you. If you use a device with face or fingerprint recognition, it'll be even more convenient as you won't have to remember your PASS PIN every time. You'll also be able to use the Digital PASS straight away and won't have to wait for a physical PASS to arrive in the post.

Find out more about the M&S Banking App

If you don't have a compatible smartphone or tablet, or you'd prefer not to use the M&S Banking App, you'll be able to request a physical M&S PASS when you register for Internet Banking. Please bear in mind it can take at least 7 working days for your physical M&S PASS to arrive in the post whereas the Digital M&S PASS is available straight away.

How to set up your M&S PASS

I already use a physical M&S PASS but want to use a Digital M&S PASS instead

As it's more convenient, you may want to switch to a Digital M&S PASS if you have a compatible device. You'll simply need to download the M&S Banking App and follow the steps on screen to set it up. As part of the app set up, you'll need to enter an activation code that you'll receive by text message. Alternatively, you can generate an activation code using your existing physical M&S PASS. Once the app is set up, your old physical M&S PASS will no longer work.

Set up your M&S PASS

Find out how to set up the M&S Banking App or a physical M&S PASS

Sign in to Internet Banking with your M&S PASS

Learn how to generate a security code to access your Internet Banking

Read our FAQs and use our physical PASS troubleshooter to help you with your PASS queries

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