Managing your balance transfer

Learn more about your balance transfer and how to manage your account

Viewing your balance transfer details

You can view the details of your balance transfer(s) in our app, including any outstanding balances and when your balance transfer rate ends. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the balances tab
  2. Select your credit card
  3. Select 'Balance transfers'

Ways to pay

There are various ways to pay your credit card but the easiest way to make regular automatic payments is by Direct Debit. It only takes a couple of minutes to set up your instruction and you can choose to make the minimum payment, a fixed amount or the full statement balance – whichever suits you best.

Please note: If you had a Direct Debit set up to pay off the full amount each month before your balance transfer, you may want to switch to make the minimum payment or a fixed amount, for example.

Need help completing a balance transfer?

Learn more about how to transfer your store or credit card balance to your M&S Credit Card.

Learn more about completing a balance transfer

About balance transfers

How do balance transfer offers work?

When you’ve got an offer available, we tell you the promotional rate and how long it’ll apply. Because we assess eligibility for offers periodically, the rate/term could be the same over more than one offer period, or it could vary.

How long does it take to transfer a balance?

Your balance transfer application/s will show in the app 1 to 2 working days after your request has been made. The table below provides examples of when your balance transfer will be displayed in the app.

Day submitted Time submitted Displayed in app
Monday 9:00am Tuesday
Monday 3:30pm Wednesday
Friday 9:00am Monday
Friday 3:30pm (to Sunday night) Tuesday

Don’t worry, it may take your other card or store card provider a few days to respond to us after we have processed a request. If you request a balance transfer, you should continue to make payments to your existing card provider for the balance transfer amount until you receive their statement showing the balance transfer.

Is there a fee for a balance transfer?

There’s a one-off balance transfer fee (min. £5) for each balance transferred. This fee depends on your offer and transfer amount and will be applied to your statement balance. The minimum transfer amount is £100.

How will your payments be allocated?

If you have other balances on which we’re charging higher rates of interest, payments you make will be applied to those first. If you have more than one promotional balance on the same rate, we’ll apply your payment to the oldest amount first.

Will you pay interest on any new purchases?

Interest will be charged on new purchases at your standard variable rate (you won’t get up to 56 days’ interest free until you’ve fully repaid any balance transfers).

What happens at the end of the promotional period?

Any transferred balance remaining on your account will be charged at your standard variable rate. You’ll also lose your promotional rate and interest will be charged at the standard rate if you’re late making at least your minimum payment in any month – so it’s important to make payments on time.

Why am I not seeing a balance transfer offer?

We update our offers at the start of each month. If you haven’t got an offer by the 3rd of the month, please come back and check next month.

What cards can I not complete a balance transfer from?

Not all credit and store cards are eligible to complete a balance transfer. You can search for eligible cards when completing a balance transfer in the app. If your card is not listed, unfortunately it is not currently eligible.

Not currently an M&S Credit Cardholder?

If you're not yet an M&S Credit Cardholder and you're thinking about moving your existing credit card balance to another credit card, take a look at our Transfer Plus Card.