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Insurance cover you can rely on for all your needs and wants

Car insurance

Keep your car on the road with our car insurance. Choose from standard or premier cover.

Home insurance

The perfect fit for your home. Choose from standard or premier cover.

Pet insurance

M&S Pet Insurance offers a range of policies for your furry friends, and you can choose the cover level that’s right for you both.

Travel insurance

Get the cover you need with our flexible travel insurance, plus 10% online discount for new policies.

Excludes renewals and amendments to existing policies.

What is contents insurance?

Our contents insurance is there to cover your treasured possessions should the unexpected happen.

Is multi-trip insurance right for you?

Got lots of travel coming up in the next year? If you’re a frequent traveller, our multi-trip travel insurance is designed with you in mind.

Is pet insurance for a dog worth it?

Dogs make wonderful pets and members of your family. Our dog insurance allows you to concentrate on caring for your dog if they get ill.