Wedding planning mistakes

6 wedding planning mistakes nearly all couples make

The big day - nothing can compare to it. Although everyone enjoys a celebration of love and a good knees-up afterwards, it's undeniable that everything gets decidedly trickier (and pricier) when the "W" word comes into play.

There are, however, common wedding mistakes you can easily avoid. Here, we outline them so you know what to look out for.

Shopping on debatable "too good to be true" discount sites

It’s no secret that the mounting costs of a wedding can make you hungry for discounts, at any cost.

But if something you have your heart set on appears heavily discounted on a website you’re not familiar with, take caution.

We’ve all seen our fair share of horror stories of brides who’ve ordered a beautiful, elegant dream dress only for it to arrive to be cheaply made and much different than the picture (or not arrive at all).

Avoid it by doing a thorough search of the web for reviews on the site in question – ideally referencing the item you’re looking for.

Inviting too many people

Your partner's second cousin is great, but if you invite them you'll have to invite their partner and their auntie and their children and potentially the family dog...

It's tried and tested advice, but there’s a real reason behind it. Be ruthless with your guest list; only invite people who enrich your life and love you. If adding someone to your list feels like you're simply ticking a box, think seriously about having them there - especially if you're covering the cost of meals and even drinks.

The big day is all about you, after all.

Comparing yourself to other couples

If you stop to think about it, it's likely that the standout weddings you've been to have been completely true to the happy couple, with lots of quirky and unique touches.

It can be easy to therefore think that that exact venue, colour scheme or table setting would be great for your wedding too.

However, it's important to remember that this is your wedding. What will make it special is your own personal flair and style. So it doesn’t make sense to waste time worrying about whether your day will live up to someone else’s.

Not making the most of your family and friends' talents

Social media really drives home how multi-talented your network of friends and family can be - maybe your aunt is really into pottery or a friend has particularly green fingers.

It's true, there’s a lot of money to be saved by asking your loved ones to give you a little help, whether it's table decorations, dressing the venue or a band your friends are in that could entertain the whole party.

What's perhaps more important, though, is that incorporating handmade touches like this can make your big day a little bit more "you".

Of course, it's vitally important that you never cross any kind of line, making sure that the people helping you feel valued and rewarded for volunteering to lend a hand, rather than pressured to deliver something out of their capabilities.

Not thinking about timing

Not wanting to alarm you, but timing is something that can make or break a wedding in the minds of your guests, so be sure to schedule carefully.

Don't keep them waiting for too long before the ceremony, between the ceremony and dinner and so on. When everything is too drawn out, it's more likely your guests will go home tired, bored or a little worse for wear on the wine.

That said, also being unwilling to be flexible with timings can be just as stressful.

Not thinking past the big day

When you're wedding planning, that one day understandably becomes the centre of your world.

Though it's definitely worth splashing out on something you know you and your guests will love and remember forever, in the end it's only one day.

Always keep in mind married life laid out ahead of you, with amazing experiences such as finding the perfect house, going on dream holidays and doing the best you can for your family. And, inevitably, those rainy day moments: appliances breaking, unexpected pay cuts, helping your loved ones get back on their feet.

Consider taking a portion of your wedding budget and investing it into your savings. 'Future You' will certainly appreciate it.

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Published: 29 November 2018