Rising cost of living

As the cost of living increases, higher prices are likely to affect us all. We’ve got a number of tools and tips to help support you through this difficult time.

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Ideas to change your spending habits

There are things we spend money on without thinking. Changing your buying habits might help you save money more easily.

M&S meal planning ideas

Meal planning can be a great way to cut down on your grocery costs and generate less food waste. M&S have teamed up with Tom Kerridge to create a handy meal planner to help you get organised before your food shop.

How to save on energy bills

With the current rise in energy bill prices, it’s important to keep on top of your outgoings and take action to make savings on your energy where possible.

Christmas budgeting tips

Looking to keep costs down this Christmas? We’ve got some budgeting tips to help you prepare for the festive celebrations.

Get creative this Christmas

We've got a number of ideas on how you could get crafty this festive season to not only make your Christmas more personal, but make your seasonal spending go further.

Budget friendly family activities

Looking for some budget friendly activities to keep the family entertained? We have found some great ideas to have fun while keeping your costs down.

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Financial support

If you're worried about keeping up to date with your monthly payments, or have already fallen behind, we're here to help.

Budgeting support

Using a budget planner is an easy way to manage your finances, work out an achievable budget and identify where savings can be made.

Your wellbeing

Money problems and your wellbeing are sometimes linked. If you feel your financial situation is impacting your wellbeing, you’re not alone, support is available.

Helpful resources

Online webinars

We have teamed up with our colleagues at HSBC who are holding useful money matters webinars to guide you through the rising cost of living and more.

Support information

Take a look at the various support options available from the Government. This includes income and disability benefits, bills and allowances, childcare, housing and travel support.

Benefits calculator

Each year, billions of pounds of government benefits and allowances are going unclaimed. Many people don't realise they qualify for them. Check what you're entitled to.

Stay alert for fraud scams

At a time when your financial or mental wellbeing is suffering, you might be more of a target to fraud scams.