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The M&S Banking App is available on compatible devices from either the App Store (for Apple devices) or Google Play™ (for Android™ devices)

The benefits of Mobile Banking

With the M&S Banking App you can carry out your day to day banking in the palm of your hand for your current account, credit card or Everyday Savings Account.

Here are just a few of the highlights of our banking app


Quickly view your statements, balances and transactions. Sign in with your finger print or face on compatible devices


Make payments to your M&S Credit Card using a debit card

Safe and Secure

M&S PASS for enhanced security

Chat with us

Use our secure 'Chat with us' feature to get in touch with account specific queries, at a time convenient to you.

Before you download the app you’ll need to register for Internet Banking to set up your digital username and password. You’ll then use this information to sign in to the app.

Supported Devices

The M&S Banking App is currently compatible with:

Apple iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch devices running operating system version 12.2 and higher. You should always make sure that you are using the most up-to-date operating system that your device can support. The following devices should be able to run iOS 12.2, and the M&S Banking App:

  • iPhone 5s and subsequent models
  • iPod touch gen 6 and gen 7
  • iPad gen 5 and subsequent models, iPad mini 2 and subsequent models, all iPad Air and iPad Pro devices.

The app is currently also compatible with Android mobile and tablet devices running operating system version 6.0 and higher. Again, we recommend you also use the most up to date operating system your device can support.

Getting started

It's easy to get started with our mobile app. Our video guide explains how to get set up. First of all, make sure that you're registered for Internet Banking.

If you're unsure of your Internet Banking details, then please visit our 'Forgotten details' page for instructions on how to reset these.

Please note - You are only able to have one version (physical or digital) of the M&S PASS at a time.

Video script - Getting started with the M&S Banking App

Hello and welcome to the M&S Banking App.

In this video we'll show you how to get started with the M&S Banking App.

It's a quick and easy way to keep tabs on your account(s) when you're on the go and is a convenient way to generate a unique security code to access your Internet Banking account using the Digital M&S PASS.

Ok, let's start.

Once you've downloaded the app, open it and you'll see that there's a 3 step process to set up your Digital M&S PASS.

First, enter your Internet Banking username and tap 'Continue'.

Next, you need to verify it's you. You can do this using your mobile phone, or by using a physical M&S PASS, which is a small calculator-like device that you may have if you're an M&S current account customer.

Choose the method that best suits you.

If you select 'Password and activation code via SMS', tap 'Continue', then enter your Internet Banking password and tap 'Continue'. On the next screen, tap 'Send activation code'.

You should receive a text from us with your activation code.

Input this code on the next screen and you're now ready to create your Digital M&S PASS PIN. You will use this PIN to sign into the app in future and also to generate a sign-in code for Internet Banking.

Alternatively, if you have a physical M&S PASS and want to use this to receive your activation code, then select 'Physical M&S PASS' on the verification screen and tap 'Continue'. You'll need to use your physical M&S PASS to generate an activation code.

To do this, press and hold down the green button in the bottom right hand corner for 2 seconds to turn on your M&S PASS and enter your PIN. Press the green button again and this will generate your activation code.

Input this code and you're now ready to create your Digital M&S PASS PIN. You'll use this PIN to sign in to the M&S Banking App in future and also to generate a sign-in code for Internet Banking.

Once you've set up your Digital M&S PASS PIN, the next time you sign in, you can enable face or fingerprint recognition if supported by your device, which will make signing in even easier.

Thank you for watching.
We hope you found this video guide helpful.

Have a question about our Digital Banking services?

Just ask our Virtual Assistant to see if it can help

Your security and protection

Our Digital M&S PASS

Our Digital M&S PASS gives you added protection when you're using mobile banking. It also allows you to generate unique security codes, which only you have access to, to sign in to Internet Banking and to verify certain transactions. This is known as two factor authentication, and adds an extra layer of security when you use our digital banking services.

Find out more about the M&S PASS
Find out more about staying safe when banking online

Sign in with your fingerprint or face

Your fingerprint and face are excellent security devices; no two are exactly the same and you've always got them with you! If you've got an iPhone, iPad, or Android device with a Touch ID or Android™ fingerprint enabled device, you can sign in to the M&S Banking App faster using your fingerprint. If you've got an iPhone or iPad with Face ID enabled, you can seamlessly sign in to the mobile banking app using your face.

To set up fingerprint recognition you will need:

  • an Apple iPhone or iPad with a fingerprint sensor (e.g. 5s or above, an iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, or iPad mini 3).
  • an Android device with a fingerprint sensor.

We recommend you also use the most up to date operating system

To set up Face ID you will need:

  • a compatible iPhone or iPad with Face ID functionality (e.g. iPhone X, XS or 10)

We recommend you also use the most up to date operating system.

Find more information about fingerprint and facial recognition

Frequently asked questions

I've forgotten my Digital M&S PASS PIN. How can I reset it?

You can unlock your Digital M&S PASS PIN by completing the following steps;

  • Step one: Select 'Reset PIN'
  • Step two: Enter your password
  • Step three: An activation code will be sent via SMS
  • Step four: After entering your activation code, you will be asked to set up a new Digital M&S PASS PIN number

Can I have the mobile app on more than one mobile device?

Yes, you can download and use the M&S Banking App on up to three different mobile devices.

I am selling my device, what do I need to do?

Sign in to the mobile app and then you are able to remove the device by selecting ‘More’, ‘Manage devices’ and then tapping on the device you’re selling. 

I’ve got a new phone/device, how do I set it up?

You are able to have the app on up to three devices. If you have the app on less than three devices you simply need to download the M&S Banking App on your new device. If you no longer intend to use your previous device, you should remove it by selecting ‘More’, ‘Manage devices’ and then tap on the device you want to remove.

I already have the M&S Banking App on three devices, how do I change one of them to add a new one?

If you already have the M&S Banking App on three devices you will need to sign into one of those devices and remove one (by selecting ‘More’, ‘Manage devices’ and tapping on the device you want to remove). You can now set up the app on your new device.

What if my device is lost or stolen?

  • Call us as soon as possible on 0345 600 5860 if your mobile device is lost or stolen and we can temporarily suspend your account access. You may be responsible for unauthorised payments made from your accounts if you haven't kept your mobile or tablet, and your security details, safe.
  • If you've downloaded the mobile app on more than one device, you can also sign in to the app using one of your other devices and remove the app from the lost device by using the 'Manage devices' option within 'More'.

Can I use the same services as Internet Banking on this app?

No, the M&S Banking App allows you to check the balances on most accounts you hold with M&S Bank.  You can also see the last 3 months' transactions on your M&S current account, M&S Credit Card and if you hold them, your Monthly Saver and Everyday Savings Account (up to a maximum of 300 transactions). Additionally, you can make payments and transfers from your M&S current account to payees that you have paid before using Internet Banking.

Also, you are able to view your credit card statements back to July 2018. If you hold a current account, statements can be viewed back to October 2018.

I've forgotten my username, password, or security answer. How can I change them?

Visit our 'Forgotten details' page for instructions on how to reset your sign-in details.

Downloading the App

Please note that device restrictions apply when downloading the app

Our app has enhanced security features, including a 'Digital M&S PASS' which generates a unique security code which you'll need to use to access Internet Banking, and to verify certain transactions within Internet Banking to help keep your money and accounts safe.

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